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Date:2017-08-16 18:05:01

With the pace of life to speed up, now more and more people like convenience in daily life. So, the disposable plastic cutlery is becoming more and more popular in our life, it has much demand in the market, at the sametime the plastic spoon also has much demand. we are specialized in making all kinds of disposable spoon mould, forks mould, knife mould.Almost all types of cutlery moulds , we can design and make according to the customer original sample, or we can modify the design according to customer requirement. we have offered many high quality, durability spoon mould for our customers

Spoon dimension:                   170X28mm

Spoon weight:                         4.8g±0.1g

Spoon cavity number:           24cav

Spoon material:                     PP/PS

Hot runner information:      24 point hot runner

Mold dimension:              950 *550*539mm

Injection cycle time:              10-12s

Mold manufacturing time:   55-60days

Suitable machine:                  DKM268SV

spoon mold

Mould feature: support to make both PP/PS material, design according to PS material. Logo interchangeable on molds. Injection gate at design red point position.

Our company also can produce various different kind of disposable plastic cutlery.Such as plastic PS cups mould, plastic fork and knife mould, thin-wall food container mould, etc.

Welcome your enquiry for all types plastic spoon mould.

From: Stacy


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Date:2017-08-16 09:52:53

Sino Mould supply high quality plastic painting pail mould with IML molding line solution, we are experienced for different sizes painting pail mould manufacturing, such as 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 8L, 10L, 15L, 20L, 25L and other series painting bucket mould. welcome your enquiry.

Date:2017-08-14 19:53:29

More than 20 years’ experience of injection molds making, and strong design ability, Sino could offer you high quality interchangeable crate molds, such as milk crate, banana crate, bread crate,vegetable crate, etc. Every year, we export more than 200 sets crate molds to different customers.

Sino strong design team could help you R&D interchangeable crate molds with different height, different shape (such as with hole/without hole), for example, interchangeable milk crate with different height.

For crate molds, the most important is weight control & wall thickness control, we have precise tooling machine and QC control department, which could ensure mold with high precise size, and supply high quality crate with your required weight and wall thickness.

Usually for milk crate molds, we choose 4 tip or 6 tip hot runner for more balance injection. Some factory will use recycle material production, for this point,we have our special design for manifold to improve product quality and moldlife.    

Our crate molds have good cooling system which could offer you fast cycle time, we could supply milk crate molds with 30s. Before we have make thinwall crate mold with BeCu, cycle time is 15s.

Any needs for interchangeable milk crate molds, vegetable crate molds, fruit crate molds, beer crates, welcome to send your inquiry to me.

Interchangeable Milk Crate Molds Maker


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Date:2017-08-07 13:36:13

SINOHOLDINGS GROUPE are consists of SINO MOULD CO.,LTD and Dakumar Machinery CO.Ltd. We are expertise in IML bucket molding line .

DAKUMAR is a world famous plastic injection molding machine manufacturer and an innovator in China, we are aimed at offering customerhigh speed qualified plastic injection machines, providingplastic molding technologies as well as turnkey molding solutions. DAKUMAR wasestablished on 2000 year, we keened on 5H molding mentality of High Speed, Highprecision,High Energy Saving,High safetyand High cycle stabilityduring machines designand manufacturing.

Nowdays ,In mold labelling production line are moreand more popular in many market . there are many advantage of making in moldlabeling molding lines .So what is In Mold Labeling (IML)?

In mold labeling is a part decorating technique used worldwide for blow molded bottlesas well as injection molded and thermoformed containers or other plastic objects.Pre-decoration is the application of a label to a container before it is filled with product.

Here are some advantages of in molding label bucket production line.

Maximum output

With electric&hydraulic high-performancemachines,you will achieve maximum output at extremely short cycle times.Powerful electric and hydraulic injection units, barrier screws with a highplasticising rateenable topperformance.

Reduce operating costs

Increase your output and still save operatingcosts. And the long operational life span and low maintenance costs of SINO

help you to control your "total cost of ownership".

DAKUMAR is a good in mold labeling system supplier in China which offers stable and high speed in moldlabeling solutions with advanced IML process and technologies.welcome tocontact me for more information about your in mold label projects .

Posted by Selinda



Date:2017-08-07 13:25:38

Sino offer high quality PET preform molding line. Sino Mould is a professional mould manufacturer for plastic injection mould, we could make multi-cavity cap mould and PET preform mould; Dakumar Machinery is professional machinemanufacturer for plastic injection molding machines, we could supply differenttypes plastic injection molding machines, such as PET injection molding machinewith servo motor and other engineering plastic material injection moldingmachines. Sino Mould and Dakumar Machinery are sister company both belong toSino Holdings Group, we could supply PET molding equipments with good serviceand favorable price.

For the PET preform mould, we use stainless steel material for the mould coreand cavity inserts, with valve gate hot runner system and have copper wearplate for sliders moving. All the mould plates tooling with high precisionmachines to make sure the PET preform mould could run fast and balance. We haverich experience for the multi-cavity PET preform mould, like 24cavity, 32cavity, 48cavity, 72cavity,96 cavity and so on.

For the
PET preform mould
, it is special designed according to the PET rawmaterial property and molding requirement:
1. Big diameter screw design and L/D ratio.
2. High plasticization capacity.
3. Extended machine framework.
4. Six stages precise temperature control for barrel.
5. Dehumidifying dryer selected for PET resin's special demands for removingmoisture; Color doser for mixing the colorant with PET material completely andprecisely. And some other additional machines like loader, chiller, aircompressor, crusher, mould dehumidifier and so on.

Posted by Selinda



Date:2017-08-03 15:06:37

SINOMOULD is a lead manufacturer which is specializing in variety of plasticinjection moulds, our factory is located in HUANGYAN---the mould baseproduction base of China.

Ourmain products are plastic commodity molds, such as Chair mold, table mold, basketmold, crate mold, bucket mold and other plastic products. SINO MOULD will offeryou not only molds, but a fine solutions.

Aschinese top plastic mold manufacturer,from 1992 to 2010, SINO MOULD has invested more than 20 USD of various plasticmould tooling equipments, in july of 2005, SINO MOULD has carried out thequality managements according with TS16949, under this management standard,SINO MOULD improved the quality management system. Such like the processmanagements, dimension controlling, technology and skill training, qualitycontrolling for plastic mould design and material and components of plasticmould.

Ourtarget goal is to be your business partner and provide you complete solutionswith high quality and favorable price. We can offer you in mold design, moldmanufacturing, injection molding process, these can let us to be your reliablepartner. We do believe that only good quality molds with compatible priceswould let you make profit in your business.

Ifyou are also find chinese top plasticmold manufacturer, we are looking forward to your early reply. Thank you foryour trust to SINO HOLDINGS GROUP.



Chinese top plastic mold manufacturer

Date:2017-08-02 18:21:17

Round table injection production factory becomes more and more popular all over the world, especially developing countries, such South America, Middle east, etc. In 2016 year, we have a customer bought 20 sets table and chair injection production line. Welcome contact me about round table and chair injection molding one-stop service.

Round Table Injection Production

Normally, table and chair size are not small. So all of the molds and injection machine are large size. All of the customers pay much attention to the product appearance, weight, stronger or not, etc. So when we received the table and chair project, the first time is not start product design, mold design, etc. we will start with product analysis, because we not only offer a set of injection mold or machine, but also a very fine injection molding solution.

In this way, we will help customer improve the product function and reduce the weight and budget very well. Different mold supplier will have different ideal, SINO ideal is to offer customer turnkey project solution and equipment. Deliver 5H technology and management mentality which are high speed, high quality, high energy saving, high safety, high stability for plastic injection molding industry. In addition, we are the world famous supplier for Turnkey injection molding line with service, technology solution and equipment. If you are interested in round table injection production, welcome inquiry.

Sales engineer: Candy


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Date:2017-08-01 11:00:27

Sino Mould is professional company in making foldable crate mould. If you are looking for ready foldable crate mould in China, welcome to contact us.

We have a ready foldable crate mould for selling. Crate information, pls kindly check it as below:

Product weight 401g

Size506 X 408 X 123mm

Mold size1200 X 920 X 651mm

Hot runner info: 20tips point gate with Anole hot runner

Injection machineDKM850T servo motor injection machine

Cycle time25s

Delivery Time: 7 work days for shipping

Foldable Crate Mould

And our crate advantage: 1). This is thin wall folding crate. When you don’t use it, you can fold to save space. 2). It can use for vegetable, fruit and so on 3) For the mould, it can be high speed running for mass productioncost saving.

In addition, if you want to buy this foldable crate production line, we can also offer you it. Because we have subsidiary company, name Dakumar Machinery that making plastic injection machine, can offer machine.

SINO offer customer not only a good crate mould or a good machine, but also afine solution. When you handed over your project us, you don’t worry about it. Pls don't hesitate to contact me.



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Date:2017-07-31 14:31:58

With the development of the package fields, more and more customer begin to invest in the package, such as flip top cap , preform bottle, water cap ...Now we have a 100% new ready 8-cavity flip top cap mould is for selling which can better help you saving the delivery time and fast production. The details information is as below:

8-Cavity Flip Top Cap Mould

Mould Information:

Product name: flip top cap

Plastic: PP

Cycle time: 18s

Cavity : 8  

Injection gate: 8tip hot runner point gate

With Germany heating elements  

Mould size: 600*400*525mm

Mould base: 1.2311

Core/Cavity steel: Stavax S136, made in ASSAB

Suitable machine: DKM250SV servo motor injection machine

Technical Highlights:

1. Advanced auto-close device, better protect the butterfly-knot, saving labor costv

2. High flexibility for butterfly-knot, with good reputation in European market

3. Inserted cavity and core inserts, easy maintenance

4. Stable performance, mould life 5 million shots

5. Full hot runner system, with German heating elements, no material waste

6. Dedicated on cap moulds for over 20 years, with rich experience

7. Optimal cooling system

8. Product optimization service to meet the demand of market

If you are just looking for a ready flip top cap mould, pls come to us and we can offer you more details information you want.




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Date:2017-07-31 11:26:26

PET preform mould is one of the biggest needed in the market. Areyou looking for good pet preform mould manufacturer? Come to Sino , Sino Mould isexperienced in various kinds of plastic mould making .

A lot of beverage manufactures are purchasing good pet preform mouldfrom China, China PET preform mould manufactures supply good price , goodperformance PET preform mould.  Sino isfocus on providing customers customers many kinds of cavities mould, it dependson customer’s output and demand. We can supply 8 cavity preform mould, 12 cavityperform mould, 16 cavity preform mould, 24 cavity preform mould, 32 cavitypreform mould, 48 cavity preform mould, 72 cavity preform mould…..

According to our experience,

We always suggest that:


1. Core and cavity are made of S420material (Sweden ASSAB).

2. P20 mould plate, avoids corrosionefficaciously and assures long life service of the perform molds.

3. Good heat treatment of the components,which assures the hardness of components HRC48-HRC50

If you have some new project for PET Preform Mould and want tocustom PET Preform Moulds.

Please feel free to contact us, Sino Mouldcan offer you good quality and high guaranteed life time with the best price.



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Date:2017-07-31 11:21:19

SINO MOULD is professional in making PET preform moulds with different cavity in China. If you are looking for making PET preform mould company with good price and high quality, welcome to contact me.


We made preform mould 20-50sets for each month, and accumulated rich experience. For injection gate,we used valve gate with hot runnerin most condition. It will be beautiful surface and save material and save labor cost to cut the tail. It is better than short tail and long tail.

For cav/core steel, we use stainlesssteel S136, made in Sweden, the hardness HRC40-44. It can make sure the guarantee mould life time (our company can make 5,000,000 shot.) and have good polish. For mould base, we use 2311, the hardness HRC28-31. Good steel is important for a mould.

For making preform mould, we have special department to follow up. They all made PET preform mould with 10years experience. They know preform mould just like myself.

For testing preform mould, we have own brand injection machine to test. Our factory have special injection machine for testing PET preform mould, named PET injection machine.

So if you want to make higher quality and reasonable price PET preform mould in China, Sino Mould is your best choice.


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Date:2017-07-30 22:49:30

Nowadays,more and more plastic products are in great proportion.  Plastic injection mould is in large needed.Sino Mould is a professional plastic injection mould supplier. Sino Mould isfocus on providing customers various kinds of plastic  injection machine. If you are searching for  plastic Drawer  Injection Mould Supplier ,please come to contact us .

In modern life, there are many different drawer injectionmoulds are designed to meet the changing world market demands. To capture the marketshare, many drawer makers focus on plastic drawer mold textures and facialmasks to attract end-user eyes. This will help improve the product's self-worthand cost, further improving the market price of drawers.

Sino mould has more than 20 years of experience in moldmanufacturing, professional production technology and high precision machiningmachine, good at making different drawer injection moulds. SINO injectionmolding tool to study and improve the best injection mold cooling system. Nowthat we have a rich production system standard, we will consider increasing theexhaust system in the final molding area. Of course, these are the most basicinjection mold conditions. As we all know, design is the origin of mouldmanufacturing. Good mould design can help save too many mould life cycle timeand power. In each year, SINO mould focuses on the design team's technicalstrength, develops the research level of the whole team and rewards thetechnical design with professional innovation.

If you are looking for  Plastic Drawer  Injection Mould Supplier ,please kindly contact me , Sino will provide you the best price and  high quality with the best service.



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Sino Moldings is a qualified Molding Supplier in China, offers good price Plastic Moldings worldwide.
China Plastic Molding company-SINO is Chinese Plastic Molding technologies innovator, Chinese Plastic Molding supplier and China Plastic Molding Company.
With advanced plastic Injection Moulding Process, Services & technology, Sinomould stands as a famous Plastic Injection Molding manufacturer and supplier in China.

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