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Date:2017-04-20 11:26:46

As top quality plastic tray moulds maker, Sino Mould would be your best choice when you are looking for plastic injection display dish moulds in China. We have made tray with different size, weight, shape,…

Show you two tray samples that we made in recently for your reference.

Oval tray information:Tray sample

Cavity number: 1cavity

Product size: 315*430mm

Product weight: 258.2g


Mould size: 650*550*480mm

Mould weight: 1152kg

Steel:718H or H13 (Different steel has different mould guarantee time, like 718H,500K; H13, 1M.)

Runner and injection way: 1tip hot runner; stripper

Cycle time: 28s

Machine tonnage: DKM 350T

Tray information:

Cavity number: 1cavity

Product size: 500*250mm

Product weight: 146g


Mould size: 660*600*450mm

Mould weight: 1088kg

Steel:718H or H13

Runner and injection way: 1tip hot runner; stripper

Cycle time: 25s

Machine tonnage: DKM 350T

Tray mould features: Simple structure mould, fine cooling system, Oil and water integrator is more convenient for application and operation, high speed lathe machine to tool the appearance of products, injection machine for testing tray mould in our workshop

If you need to make tray moulds with reasonable price, welcome to contact me. We will offer you a fine solution.

Posted by Sara


Whatsapp/mobile: 0086 15215806623

Date:2017-04-18 10:51:18

Defects are most common things to arise in manufacturing process and can be in different form , with different effect and with different way of solution. Problem must be troubleshoot with an objective mind. The solution that solved a problem one day may not solve the same problem on another day. Due to the large number of parameters and the variability of these parameters plus the way of parameter interactions, many solutions may exist for a single problem. Likewise, many problems may be fixed by using a single solution.The solutions mentioned are possible solutions and must be tried out with safety in mind. Please always follow the material manufacturer and machine manufacturer's guidelines for safety.

Steel hardness play vital role in mold longevity ,avoid flashes at the ends and sides of the product and also avoid other kind of defects in mould.

High care should be taken while assembling molds, precise inspection of the all parts including cooling systems, hydraulic oil channel system , hot runner , mould plate, ejector pin, stripper, ejector block or slider system should be done.

These are some defects and there possible solution.

Short shot:

Molten Plastic is not reaching the mold cavity section

Possible solution:

Increase melt temperature,Increase mold temperature,Increase injection speed,Increase injection pressure if process is pressure limited,Check if the mold is vented in the area of short shots,Increase gate and runner sizes.


Molten Plastic is flowing into unwanted sections of the mold cavity.

Possible Solution:

Check for Mold shutoff and mold damage,Decrease melt temperature,Decrease mold temperature,Decrease injection speed


Plastic is shrinking as it cools but additional plastic cannot be for further compensation of the shrinkage.

Possible Solution:

Increase pack and hold pressures,Increase pack and hold times,Decrease mold temperatures,Decrease melt temperature


A differential cooling rate of the melt in two sections of the molded product

Possible solution :

Decrease melt temperature,Experiment with differential mold temperatures on the fixed and movable sides,Increase pack and hold pressures,Increase pack and hold times,Increase cooling time

Burn mark:

When air and gasses get trapped inside the mold cavity during plastic injection, the high pressure results in the dieseling of the plastic resulting in the burning of the plastic.

Possible solution:

Increase venting in the mold,Decrease injection speed,Decrease melt temperature,Decrease Screw Rotation Speeds


Usually occur with the parts are thick. The walls solidify and the plastic melt shrinks towards the wall and therefore sucks a vacuum void on the inside of the part.

Possible solution:

Reduce melt temperature,Reduce mold temperature,Reduce injection speed,Increase pack and hold pressures,Increase pack and hold times


Usually seen with the part is thick causing the injected plastic to ‘snake fall’ on to the cold mold surface and start freezing immediately. When the fresh plastic come in it does not blend well with the first material causing the jetting marks.

Possible solution:

Reduce injection speed,Increase melt temperature,Change gate location

Weld line :

The melt flow front is usually cold due to the exposure to the cold cavity. When two flow fronts meet as in a flow around a mold pin they do not fuse uniformly causing a weld line. Sometimes air can also get trapped in to form the defect.

Possible solution:

Increase melt temperature,Increase mold temperatures,Increase injection speeds,Increase venting

SINO MOULD is one of the leading company dedicated to design and manufacture of High qulaity injection mold along with providing magnificient service to the clients.

Rahul shah


Date:2017-04-14 09:07:47

As a professional plastic fruit crate molding manufacturer, Sino Mould supply high quality crate moulds with one stop service for mass production technology. Sino Mould manufacture more than 150sets of crate moulds annually for fruit crate mould, vegetable crate mould, milk crate mould, fish crate mould, bottle crate mould, foldable crate mould and so on. Our crate moulds shipped to all over the world, the popular market include India, Indonesia, South Africa, Chile, Algeria and many other countries.

Sino Mould make the high quality plastic crate moulds with optimized cooling runners. For the common size 540*360*290mm crate, the weight is between 1.4 to 1.5kg, we could reach the cycle time at 28s. The crate we use P20, 718H steel material according to customer requirement. For similar crate mould, the machine tonnage required about 600ton machine.

With one stop service for the fruit crate molding technology, Sino could supply the whole injection molding line service, help customer setup new crate molding production line. We make the fast and stable running crate mould, power saving injection molding machine and offer together with additional machines for the new workshop. Welcome to contact us for more information. Thanks.

Post by Miss Celina
Skype: sinomould.dakumar7
Whatsapp: 008615257606120

Date:2017-04-13 18:19:48

In the modern life, there are many different plastic injection drawer mould design comes out to  meet the changeable world market request. In order to occupy the market share, many drawer maker  focus on the plastic drawer mould with texture structure and IMLtechnology to attract final user’s eye. Also this would help raise the product self-value and further increase the drawer cost.

Sino mould company with more than 20 years drawer mould manufacture, owns professional production  skill and high precision process machine, good at make different production technology drawer mould. Please kindly check the attached drawer sample photo we made.

Plastic Drawer Injection Mould

To make a good drawer mould, Sino mould domuch effort on the research and improve for the best cooling system. Now we have rich production system standard with the thickness and the big size volume, We  would consider at the final forming position add the venting systemto make best forming, Of course, these are the basic mould condition. As is known to all, Design is origin for all the start, good  mould design can help save much cycle time and strength mould life. Each year, Sino mould company  pay much attention on the design team technical power, developed whole team research level and reward  those who has professional and technical design..

Welcome to know more the detail of our drawer mould, please feel free to contact us and welcome to  find Tina when you visit china. We are located in Zhejiang province. My whatsapp: 008615067608197  Mail:

Date:2017-04-10 10:26:58

Salad containerproduction line

Dakumar supply customers with completeSalad container production line solutions.


Productname: Salad container


Cycletime: 3.5s

Gate:Needle valve type

Runner:Hot runner with temperature controller

Injection moldingmachine:

DKM--200HHinjection molding machine

Auxiliary machine:

Autoloader (STL-300GN) (With photoelectric hopper)

Aircompressor (7.5KW)

Airchiller (15P)

Robot(Italy side entry robot)

Dakumar turnkey line solution advantage:

Sino Holdings Groupunite Dakumar Machinery and Sino Mould efforts for providing turnkey moldingsolutions for world plastic molding industries, realizing molding technologiesinnovation.

Our services include the following:

1.Analysis/budget foryour project:

We will give youthe most reasonable design for plant segment.

2.Equipment &spares &raw materials:

nInjection machines selection

nMoulds with high uniform to machines

nAuxiliary equipment for machines andplant

nMould maintenance equipment &spare parts service

nRaw material selection &purchase

nElectronical elements for plant

3.Technical drawingsand support:

²Plant basic foundation drawing

²Layout design of plant

²Plant water/air/electrical design

We will sendengineers before plant set up, for measuring, drawing and analysis the floorfoundation.

4.Aftersales service:

Engineering,trouble-shooting and training on spot support.

Dakumar standard machine component list

Controller KEBA made in Austria  

AC Contactor Schneider made in France

Electronic Ruler NOVO/GEFRAN made inGerman/Italy

Single-phase breaker Schneider made in France

Photoelectric Switch OMRON made in Japan

SSR(solid state relay) CRYDOM made in USA

Hydraulic Motor STF UK

Oil Pump ECKERLE made in German

Salad container production line.jpg

Welcome to visit Dakumar and contact us, our aimis to provide customers with theSalad container production line that with the best return on investment!

Date:2017-04-09 16:29:59

Many young and old peoples are like sodas drinks very much. So the market of being a sodas plastic box specification has a good prospect. There are some famous sodas drink company, such as Coca cola, Spring, 7 Up, etc. all of them couldn’t make transparent without sodas plastic container.

Sodas plastic box specification

Due to the sodas plastic box usage, it should have the advantages of heavy load, flexible, stackable, etc. so the mould requirement will be very high. Only good quality, high precision and rejection rate lower than 2% is a good mould.

In the last 25 years, Sino has made some Coca cola molds to the Coca-Cola Company and got a big proud from clients. And we also made many sodas plastic box to other brands. What’s more, in the basis of quantity precision process tools, Sino invested a Sodick EDM, Agie Charmillesprecision wire cutting and sparking machines, 2 sets. And high speed milling centers, Bridge Coordinate Measuring Machine 2 sets. Thus it can be seen that Sino is not only a professional mold making company, but also a high quality good delivery mold maker.

Therefore, if you want to book a high level Sodas plastic box specification mold or production line to your new projects. Or, you want to improve your injection factory. Welcome contact me freely. Sino will offer you a capable injection molding solution.

sales engineers: Candy


skype: anole-hc-02

whatsapp: +86 158 5868 5263

Date:2017-04-09 15:02:16

We hereby sincerely invite you visit our booth at Guangzhou from 14th, Apr to 19th Apr. as the Canton Fair 2017 is coming.

About the 115th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair), detail information is as following:

Time: 14 th-19th, April, 2017

Booth Number: 1.1A13-14 B11-12

Add: China Import & Export Fair Complex,Pazhou, Guangzhou, China

At this time, we will show you our products as below:

* Thinwall salad box molding line: 4 cavity thin wall salad container + DKM200Thigh speed injection molding machine + auto loader+ chiller

* Plastic samples: PET preform, PVCpipe, household appliance, Auto parts, daily use products, crate, chair, IML paint pail, etc.

Our company is a professional injection molding line service supplier. We specialize in designing and manufacturing for injection molds & machines. Till now, we have already provided more than 600 production line service for the customers all over the world for differen tinjection molding projects. We constantly update models and develop new products, providing every customer superior quality products at competitive price with high satisfied.

We sincerely hope to see you at SINO booth in Canton Fair and we believe there will be some items attracting you, we will be happy to offer you best solution.

115th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)


Whatsapp: 0086 138 5763 5311


Date:2017-04-07 14:55:07

SINO MOULD is highly specialized in designing and producing plastic cap mold.With more than 20years of experience in this field our team makes use of the latest, most innovative technology in automation, quality inspection, and scheduling to create reliable parts for a wide range of applications.Our factory has been one of the most professional manufacturers, supplier and maker specializing in designing and producing plastic molds domestically and internationally.SINOMOLD runs high precision tooling equipment ,quality control equipments system ,a professional team ,modern CAD/CAM design, advanced processing equipment and production process to provide high-quality molds.We offer our customers with all of the service,including design,installation and training.

Features includes:

1.Cavity and core steel use hardened stainless steel.
2. Balanced runner layout for even injection flow.
3. Optimal cooling system for short cycle time.
4. High production efficiency and long life.

We are truly specialized in provibottle cap.jpgding quality and cost-effective solution for cap production line. We offer tailor made  project as per customers requirement like cap design and size for bottles like water , oil, vodka,jams,sauces, medicines bottles etc. Given below are some types of caps:

1:Hinged closures mould

2:Yorker spout mould

3:Disc-top cap mould

4:Flip-top cap mould

5:Push-pull cap mould

6:Twist open/close cap mould

  7:Flapper closures mould

We choose best steel to adopt high quality, advanced and reasonable design,each cavity having independent temperature control & heating system for even heating temperature and keeps product with reliable and stable quality.

We are your best partner and service provider for your glorious success.

Rahul shah


Date:2017-04-02 17:49:51

Sino Holdings Group is one of the few turnkey solution suppliers in China, we are professional in supplying tailor molding equipment & service for PET bottle injection molding project.

To start a full line water bottle molding factory, you should have the equipments as following:

1.PET preform molding solution

For PET preform molding, this involves a lot of equipment, for example PET preform mold, PET special injection molding machine & necessary auxiliary machine, such as auto loader, dryer, dehumidifier, usually we will choose three in one machine for PET Preform molding project, also, chiller, mixer, etc.

2.PET bottle blowing system

As we know, we need use blowing machine to make PET bottle, there are two main equipment, one is blowing mold, the other is blowing machine. And for blowing machine, we have two system for you selection, they are full auto blowing system and semi auto blowing system, we will choose the best solution according to your investment and capacity requirements.

3.Cap molding solution

You need molding equipment as following: cap mould, injection molding machine, auxiliary machine, sometimes also need cutting machine.

4.Filling system

Three in one machine for washing, filling and sealing. Also, you will need some necessary devices such as conveyor belt.

Sino has rich experience in PET preform molding project supplying, we could supply you best solution for PET bottle molding line, if you are looking for supplier or you are interested, pls feel free to contact me.

PET bottle injection molding solution supplier


Whatsapp:+86 138 5763 5311


Date:2017-03-31 23:34:27

Canton Fair exhibition for machinery and equipment will held in Guangzhou again from April15th to 19th,2017, SINO MOULD and Dakumar Machinery will attendthe exhibition as exhibitor .

As an well know mould maker and top quality of injection molding machine . SINO HOLDING GROUP aimed at offer our customer with whole turnkey production for all kinds of plastic parts ,including help them set up their new factory to start mass production .

As thin wall containeris more and more popular,and its investment can easy get back profit fast . we will display the most popular thin wall container mould line in the exhibitions .

14 cavity thin wall container mould . which apply S136 as mould steel .the mould is high polished . and can make more than 2 million shots of mass productions .

2200HHi njection molding machine apply the accumulator ,which have injection more fast than normal servo motor injection molding machine .

3)IML robotsystem .which can lower cost than other pre-decorating methods .

Dakumar has offered more than 30 sets ofturnkey project for The in mold labeling system are including:

450ml round juice cup whole IML system toUzbekistan:- The cup size is Up95*110mm, Bottom: 68*110mm,thickness is 0.6mm,two cavities cup mould with valve gate, themould size is 566*366*495mm,it run on DKM188 high speed injection machine andside entry robot fromItaly, the cycle time is 6 seconds.

Welcome to visit our CANTON FAIR boothnumber 1.1A 13-14 ,and contact Selinda for more information about your plastic molding line .



Date:2017-03-31 23:29:16

Plastic water cap are widely used in our life, such as NongFu spring, Master Kong,c’estbon, all of this brand is sale for natural mineral water, Sino has rich experience in supplying water capmolding line project, we could offer you best solution.

Usually, for plastic water cap, diameter is 28mm, raw material is PP or PE, and formold, in general, we will choose hot runner system with point gate, mould steelis S136. As we know, for cap mould, there will have safety ring, usually have two ways make it. One is made by mold insert, when production, you can got cap mould with ready safety ring, the other is made by cutting machine, after cap production, use cutting machine to cutting it. Compare with this two way, we prefer to suggest make insert, by this way, you can save more time.

We have made more plastic water cap mould, for example, before we have made 72cavities cap mould, used by DKM520sv, mold safety ring made by insert, cycle time around 25s. we could offer whole line for cap mould production, include plastic cap mold, suitable injection machine, and necessary auxiliary machine,such as chiller, dryer, auto loader, etc.

Ifyou are interested in plastic cap molding solution, or you are looking supplierto help you start water cap & water bottle molding project, pls feel free to contact me, Sino will be happy to offer best solution for you.  

water cap molding solution

Whatsapp:+86 138 5763 5311

Date:2017-03-31 23:14:00

What is in mold labelling pail ?

In-mold labeling is a pre-decorating technique usedworldwide for blowmolded bottles aswell as injection molded and ther moformed containers or other plastic objects.Pre-decoration is the application of a label to a container before it is filledwith product. SINO HOLDING GROUP is consist of SINO MOULD and Dakumar machinery.we are making customerized in mold label plastic parts as well as injectionmolding machine .such as IML bucket production line.

So far,SINO factory have helped customers who are newin mold label bucket or in mold containers ,we help to establish their plastic IML pail plant for more than 100 turnkey projects .including paint bucket with IML system .IML paint bucket molding line,table and chair molding line .etc .

SINO have rich experience in assisting you establishyour plant from zero .such as IML paint bucket molding line . we can offer youwith

-IML bucket molding budget analysis .

-All IML molding equipments,such as customized IMLmould .suitable IML bucket molding injection mold label robotsystem.all necessary auxiliary machines.

-Plant drawing of water ,air ,and design /layout .

If you have experience in mold label bucket orcontainer ,or without any experience,welcome to contact us for more informationabout your news IML projects .we will offer you the whole turnkey productionl ine .



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