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Date:2017-09-30 15:46:26

Sino Mould specializes in manufacturing and designing various pipe fitting moulds for decade years, and has been continually tailoring our design tomatch the irregular shape PVC, PP-R, PP and PE fitting moulds. From large bend drainage fittings to multiple direction branch fittings, we adopt the collapsible core, curve sliding system, and unscrewing device to meet the most complex pipe fitting applications.

We have more than 20 years rich experience in offering various types of PVC pipefitting moulds, and can also offer the whole solution for the turnkey project. Sothese years we have attracted a lot of customers who come from America, Russia,Mexico and India everywhere in the world.

Eachmould made by Sino Mould used top grade raw material that are sourced from trust worthy vendors of the market. Because PVC material’s high corrosive, normallywe suggest to use DIN1.2316 made by Thyssen Krup German, and guaranteed mouldlife at least 500000 shots under you maintain moulds according to our mould specification. Furthermore, the pipes have proper wall thickness enabling themto bear the high working pressure load and help customer cut cost.

Ifyou want to develop PVC pipe fitting market, but do not know PVC pipe fitting well, come to Sino, we will offer you PVC pipe fitting turnkey project. Except offer PVC plastic moulds, we also offer your PVC injection molding machine andarrange our engineer to go your factory to do commission and train your staffs.

PVC Pipe Fitting Mould

Postby Miss Mandy


Date:2017-09-30 15:32:16

World famous PET package moulds maker in China. SINO MOULD is one of the best package mould manufacturer. You can buy PET preform mould, cap mould, thin wall mould from SINO MOULD.

Multi cavity PET preform mould, we can make the mould from 1 cavity to 120 cavities. More cavity mould can reach more production output, but not the more cavity the better. Big PET preform mould will need larger PET injection machine, that’s cause producer more investment. Normally we suggest to make PET package mould with 32, 48, 64, 72 cavity. In this way, mould and machine can working stable and meet customer’s target demands. About mould detail information, please take 20g PET preform mould for reference.

Mould name: 20g PET Preform mould

Cavity number: 32 cavity

Steel: S136, HRC 48-52

Mould size: 792x1080x550mm

Hot runner system: 32 tips valve gate Anole hot runner

Cycle time: 18 seconds

Suitable injection machine: Dakumar 350PET

Delivery time: 50 days after down payment.

For mould quotation, you can contact me via email: or skype: sino-mould02. We can help you customized most suitable PET package moulds for your company. Also our brother company Dakumar Machinery supplies high quality injection moulding machine.

Date:2017-09-30 15:32:16

SINO is a professional paint bucket mold company.We are specialized in manufacturing different kinds of paint bucket molds roundpaint bucket mold, square paint bucket mold, the capacity from 1L, 3.6L…18L, 20L…Below is our 18 liter paint bucket and lid mold specification, for yourreference.

1. Material of mold core and cavity:Din1.2344(H13) with HRC42-44.

2. Copper Beryllium (moldmax) on the topcore and cavity edge, leads to best cooling effect for high speed injection.

3. Material of mold base: P20 made in China.We can self-make the mold base, use standard mold base, such as LKM, etc.

4. Anole hot runner included moldtemperature controller, hot runner system can save material and reduce cycletime.

5. Inductive proximity switch be installedinto the mold to control ejection process precisely

6. Hasco standard cooling Z801/19 quickcoupling& nipper.

7. Bucket mold with 360 core venting system.
8. Bucket mold with in molding labeling system.

Our paint bucket wall thickness is even,leaking test, stacking test and dropping test have no problem. Pls kindly sendme your drawing or 3D design, then we will quote exact price with detail moldspecification for you.

18 Liter Paint Bucket and Lid Mold Specifications

Postby Miss Mandy


Date:2017-09-29 21:41:27

Sino Mould is one of Chinese famous muti-cavity 5 gallon cap mold designer, 5 gallon cap mold maker, 5 gallon mold exporter from 4 cavities to 64 cavities. Below are short introduction of our 5 galloncap mold features.  

1.Mold cavity and core steel we adopt imported H13, DIN1.2316, S136 etc.

2.Adopt special cap mold treatment technology, core and cavity parts using

corrosion resisting mirror steel, surface hardness can reach HRC60°.

3.Hot runner system: we use our own brand Anole hot runner system to save material,reduce cycle time and save labor cost. You can also choose YUDO, HUSKY or other famous brand hot runner system as your demands.

4.Excellent water channel design: each cavity and core has independent cooling

system, which can shorten production cycle time.

5.The mold cavity can be changed, which is convenient to change remark of the cap.

6.Mold can be automatic demould, which can help customer reduce labor cost.

7.Mold life time can be guaranteed with 2 million mold times.

Muti-cavity 5 Gallons Cap Mold Chinese Supplier

We will be your reliable 5 gallon cap mold supplier in China, so pls kindly share your

requirements, or 2D, 3D design with us, we will quote competitive price for you.

Post by Miss Mandy


Whatsapp: 008615757610702

Date:2017-09-29 20:22:13

SINO MOULD is specialized inmanufacturing different plastic mould, we have more than 20 years experiencesin making crate mould. We could provide you crate mould, crate products, crateturnkey line solutions. We are foldable crate mould maker, foldable crate mould supplier, foldable crate mouldfactory China, foldable crate mould manufacturer, foldable crate mould company.

SINO MOULD used makechocolate crate mould, beer crate mould, vegetables crate moulds, milk cratemould, egg crate mould, fish crate mould, bread crate mould, fruit crate mould,foldable mould, etc.

We will use 45#, 40Cr, P20,2738, 2316, 718, S136 steel to make crate mould. P20 and 718H will moresuitable for crate mould.

Cratemould design is decided by customer's requests, such as cycle time, employeequantity, injection molding machine, specification, shrinkage or certainplastic material, etc. we adopt highlight technology to manufacture the mould,which satisfied all clients requests, makes the foldable crate surface morelighting and more strength.

If you are interested in our fordable crate mould, pls feel free to contact me China cratemould maker.
I will send you more details of our foldable crate mould andproducts.
Welcome your down to visit our company.


Skype: sinomould-01

WhatsApp: 0086 137 5876 9372

China Foldable crate mould

Date:2017-09-28 18:17:39

SinoHolding Groupe is a leading die casting mouldcompany in China, specialized in making aluminum die-castingmoulds and injection moulds,as well as injection molding machine. we are offeringour customers one stop purchase service, from design,die making, aluminum product surface treatment, part produce and assembly.,etc.For 23 years , Sino Mould has attracted thousands of customers allover the world . what is the source of the company success ?

Strong Design Team :

Sino team place importance in design andanalysis .our professional engineers and designers spend much efforts in themould design analysis process. For some newly develop projects ,our designerswill make mold flow to analysis and study the condition of mould running . weengage in the biggest possibilities to avoid any errors .so that we can solvemany moulds problems in the computer before happened in the workshop .such comprehensive analysis let us our engineer to select the best techniquesolution and all those guarantee our customer the highest quality and functionideal of the products .

Except the die casting mould ,we can make the die casting parts to customer according to customer request.

With our highly qualified staff, topquality, perfect die casting mould solution and prompt pre-sales and aftersales ,we are confident believe we are the best supplier for you !


Date:2017-09-28 11:24:47

Are you looking for Pet injection molding suppliers? Cap and bottle become more and more important, we could see

these products anywhere.There's a lot of demand in package market.

SINO Package Mould is Chinese unique high standard, high mentality packing mould company, we choose top  quality metal material for mould, design with top mentality for moulding and cooling system, workfor profitable cycle  time and respect your expensive time.

SINO R&D Department is working on the design of 144 cavities preform moulds, high speed injection full hot  runner valve gate system.

Good quantity of Cap&preform production line

Cap&preform production line advantage:

  • Multi-cavity cap molding solution up to 128 cavity

  • Stainless S136 Stavax Sweden for preform core and cavity

  • Full hot runner system without any material waste

  • Interchangeable core and cavity for easy maintenance

  • Energy saving injection machine with servo motor

  • Fully automatic production with conveyor

If you are looking for one supplier for complete PET Preform molding line or want to invest PET preform/ jars  making business, don’t hesitate to contact me, we will design a tailor made PETpreform molding line as your  requests.

Posted by Ms.Amanda



Date:2017-09-27 20:46:33

Sino Mould is a professional manufacturer for plastic grape crate mould, we offer turnkey solution for the plastic crate molding line. Sino make about 150sets of plastic crate moulds annually.

“plastic crate molding line

For the grape crate, the common size is 500*320*200mm, with the crate weight aruond 1000g. It is used for grape shipping and some other fruit turnover, which could support at least 10kg dynamic loading. This type of crate mould are poplular shipped to India, African countries and Asian countries. We could supply high quality plastic grape crate mould.

Plastic grape crate mould, with P20 steel material for the core and cavity (or with other good type steel material), the core side make tooling to get the radius at the inner side of the crate which could protect the fruit. We designed with comfortable handling crate with good strength and lower weight, the main rib dimension, corner ribs we pay much attention during design analyzing.

Sino Mould offer you not only a mould, but with a fine solution. We are professional for supplying high quality crate production line with turnkey solution. Welcome to send us enquiry with your detail requirement or doubt. Thanks.

Post by Miss Celina

Whatsapp: 008615257606120


Date:2017-09-27 13:39:55

SINO MOULD hasrich experiences in offering thin-wall food container mould for you.

Now with thedevelopment of the society, nowdays thin-wall injection molding technologybecome more and more popular in the market. SINO export 300 set thin-wallmoulds to the world market per year, and by the market's praise.

We have more than10 years molding experience in packing industry, and now we are not onlyprogressed with the technological demands, but have to meet new demands forcustomer’s requirements.

Withchoosing high speed milling machine, valve gate system for fast flow of the rawmaterial inside the cavity, effective cooling system for the mould temperaturecontrol and high speed moving ofeachstep.We control the tooling QC details that can match all the quality controlprocess intolerance.Once the toolingfinished, each block of mould is sent for CMM machine.SINO also use high speed injection moldingmachine to run this thin-wall food container mould.Therefore, the cycle time can reach lessthan 5seconds.

Ifyou have new plan to invest into thin-wall food container mould , welcome to contact us, we could supply highquality plastic production line, We are the direct mould and injection moldingmachine manufacturer, we could offer favorable price with convenient service.


WhatApp: 0086 1375867 9372

Thin-wall food container mould.jpeg

Date:2017-09-26 09:45:34

These days trend of using plastic furniture has been increased rapidly . Plastic furniture has been able to take big market success. Plastic furniture are light weight , durable, water proof ,easy to transport, cheap to buy , beautiful and can be made in various color and design, mostly used in catering, garden , home and offices . Due to which plastic chair has become one of the most important furniture and key point for business investment.

Plastic Furniture Molds Testing Samples.jpg

Considering mold cost and customer investment P20 steel is mostly used in core and cavity however 718 steel is very good steel for high quality and mirror polish of the core and cavity. These mould requires high polishing, mold flow analysis and proper venting. Steel hardness play vital role in mold longevity ,avoid flashes at the ends and sides of the product and also avoid other kind of defects in mould.

High care should be taken while assembling chair mold , precise inspection of the all parts including cooling systems, hydraulic oil channel system , hot runner , mould plate, ejector pin, stripper, ejector block or slider system should be done. Interchangeable back rest inserts helps to get new chair design.

Demand of fashionable and unique design of plastic furniture is increasing day by day. SINO MOULD can provide complete and cost effective solution regarding plastic chair mold of any kinds of customer’s own unique design conveniently.

Rahul Shah

Date:2017-09-24 13:44:34

As famous chair molds manufacturer in China, SINO Mould already supply various chair molds to different customer, such as rattan chair, baby chair, daily use chair, beach chair, arm less chair, gas assistant chair, PC chair,etc. Especially, rattan chair molds.

Nowadays, rattan chair molds become more and more popular in the market, because rattan chair with characteristic of modern, beautiful, practical, and artistic. B ut how to make a good quality rattan chair molds? You should pay more attention to following points:

1.Parting line for molds (good parting line to avoid scratching hands)

2.Cooling line design & cycle time (usually, from 1700-2400g, our molding cycle is 35-50s)

3.Chair weight & Strength & wall thickness control

4.Chair stacking & load bearing test, etc.

5.Rattan design & mold structure

Sino has rich experience in chair molds making, we could easy handle above points. Every year, we export more than 200sets chair molds to different countries, such as India, Spain, Pakistan, Israel, Russia, Nigeria, Italy, etc.

If you are looking for modern rattan chair molds maker, pls feel free to contact us! SINO team will supply you best solution for various chair molds making or chair production line.

Modern Rattan Chair Manufacturer


Whatsapp: 0086138 5763 5311

Date:2017-09-24 12:22:01

UPVCPipe Fitting Mould

UPVC pipe fitting mould canbe divided into coupler, tee, reducer, elbow, cross, socket, etc. we make mouldcavity from 1 cavity to 32 cavities. We have UPVC fitting mould from 25mm to160mm.

Asfor PVC materials with high causticity, when we make the mould, we should paymore attention to mould steel quality, we will use DIN 1. 2316 stainless madeby Thyseen Krup, Genman brand, which tempered with HRC48. This is the mostsuitable steel for the mould.

Asfor guaranteed mold life, most of our customers bought moulds from us in 10years ago, and now they are still in use, as for they make good maintenance formoulds. And stroke switch for slide action safety will prolong the mould life.

Sinopipe fitting mould is one of the famous qualified pipe fitting mouldmanufacturer in China, we have thespecial machining process, machining capacity on pipe fitting moulds, we alsopay more attention in Quality control for  all the machining dimensions. When we making,we will use high standard mould components, such like hydraulic cyinder,interlock, guide pillar, sprue bushing, etc.

Ifyou have any demand for Upvc pipefitting mould, welcome to contact Miss Nancy.


WhatsApp:0086 137 5867 9372

UPVC Pipe Fitting Mould

Plastic Molding Service
Sino Moldings is a qualified Molding Supplier in China, offers good price Plastic Moldings worldwide.
China Plastic Molding company-SINO is Chinese Plastic Molding technologies innovator, Chinese Plastic Molding supplier and China Plastic Molding Company.
With advanced plastic Injection Moulding Process, Services & technology, Sinomould stands as a famous Plastic Injection Molding manufacturer and supplier in China.

Custom Molds


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