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Date:2018-06-11 16:05:59

В настоящее время пластиковый тар становится все больше и больше популярными в

обиходной жизни и транспорте из-за его инновационной конструкции.

Это может помогать экономить более 50% место и более во время перевозки и снизить

расходы. Поэтому все больше и больше людей начать употреблять пластиковый тар на

разнородные продукции.

различные пресс-формы для пластиковой тары

Компания SINO Mould является всемирно известной компанией по производству

пресс-форм для литья пластмасс и достигла отличных результатов в проектировании и

производстве пресс-форм для литья пластмасс.

И компания SINO Mould имеет массовые опыты в производстве различные пресс-формы

для тары: бутылочнвые тары, тары для овощей, тары длямолочных ящиков, пресс-формы

для складной тары и так далее.

Обратите, пожалуйста, внимание на следующие подробные информации

пресс-формы для тары:

1.Материалы и сталь пресс-формы

Обычно HDPE применяется для сырого материала,который имеет высокая прочность и

высокие сопротивление пластика сжатиюы. Если это одноразовое, вам можно

использоваться PP.

Мы обычно делаем с сталью P20,718 и DIN2738,и переселенец может выбирать сталь для пресс-формы тары.

2.Циклическое время

Один место:30s

Два место:45s

Четыре место:55s

3.Проверка точек

После наложение смещение не должно быть большим.

Проверять толщину и грамм-вес тары.

мы профессиональная компания, которая делает различные пресс-формы для тары,

если вы ищете хороший снабженческий торговец, приветствует  отправлять по электроннойпочте и связываться с нами.


Date:2018-05-31 23:50:50

Dakumar brand high speed molding machine is professional designed for high precision molding performance. Our hybrid type injection machine is designed three-parallel actions - separate servo motor to injection unit, clamping unit and ejection unit. So our hybrid machine can realize mould open, eject action and material charging at same time.

Compared with other Chinese brands high speed machine,Dakumar hybrid machines’ model are completely from small size 200T,300T and 400T which are suitable for thin wall food container, ice cream box, yogurt box, electronic parts, plastic mechanical gear ect. While, Dakumar high speed molding machine with large size modelof 600T, 800T,1100T and also customized 1300T. What’s kind plastic parts need on big size hybrid machine? For example, 5 gallon painting bucket IML production, if we put on standard servo motor molding machine, cycle time need 30-35seconds. But our Algeria customer can realize his IML 5 gallon bucket line only 18s with DKM600HH machine!

Same situation for household manufacture, for serious competitive on household products supplier, more and more factories are keening on high performance and stable production machines, to realize saving production cost and getting largest amount. So with DKM800HH hybrid high speed machine,the 80L storage box production cycle time is only 16-18s. Saving time means getting large market and profit.

Welcome your enquiry and choose the Chinese best supplier for large size hybrid high speed molding machines.

Postedby Ms. Helen


Date:2018-05-28 19:06:26

medical syringe production line

Medical disposable syringe is widelyused as hypodermic syringe, sometimes it is also used without needle for orallyadministering liquid medicines to young children, or milk to small younganimals. Then how to a plant for medical syringe turkeyproduction line?

To start a new medicalsyringe production line, which has a good plan for workshop layout, because, tomake a syringe product which need many necessary equipments, so its tooimportant to choose a very professional medical team to supply you technicalservices manufacturer for medical syringe turkeyproduction line, medical injection machine choose, all related equipments supply,plant layout design, and the most important is strict requirement of clean roomsystem. Here in Sino Holdings Group will help you to get the real Turnkeymedical molding service.

We can offer complete syringeturnkey production line, including automatic medical injection molding part,its is from our branch company Dakumar machinery which can meet all plasticmoulds needed, Dakumar machine model from DKM50 ton to DKM4000ton. And then youneed printing automation, assembly automation, packaging and sterilizingautomation system. According to your detail condition, we’ll provide you thebest medical Turnkey solution with all needed machinery equipments, factoryestablishing budget, and also professional after-sales installation andtraining.

You can send us sample, or tell your request dimension, gramweight of medical part that you plan to manufacture, also output capacityrequested per hour, for normal usage medical parts, such as disposablesyringes, pictures only will be enough. Then we can work out and will offer youbudget price of all related equipment with detail specifications. For example,we offer 64cavities syringe barrel and plunger mould to reach 100millionsyringes.

Welcome your inquiry and SINO HOLDINGS GROUP are ready to offer you our best solution for making top quality medical syringe turnkey production line service.  

Post by Ms. Rachel

Date:2018-05-27 19:43:35

As the leader of pipe fitting production line solution supplier, SINO focus 

on customizing perfect pipe fitting solutions for you. We have two companies, 

Sino Mould makes high quality pipe fitting moulds. For PVC pipe fitting 

moulds, core and cavity steel will be use DIN1.2316 stainless steel to avoid 

corrosion. And mould will be designed with collapsible core system depend 

on product structure.Dakumar Machinery manufacture stable and energy 

saving injection machines.PVC injection machine is special used for PVC 

products,like PVC pipe fittings.And we also have other machine suitable for 

PE or PPR pipe fittings.

pipe fitting production line

Our company can provide one-stop service for complete pipe fitting production line. You can no need to 

find so many suppliers for each equipment, and all equipements can be 

running smoothly before shipping. And our engineers are professional 

on mould and machines and they can go to your factory yo help you install 

all equipements and train your staff how to use and set up parameters 

and solve normal problems etc.


If you have any interests in pipe fitting production line, please don

hesitate to contact me. We will offer the best solution for you.

Posted by Erin


Whatsapp: 008613616760952

Skype: sinomould-10

Date:2018-05-26 16:12:37

Sino mould company specialize for the plastic Children’s toy storage cabinet mould manufacture. We devote to this children’s mould making field for more than 20 years, Every production process, we would strict control for the size tracking and surface treatment. Sino mould is the professional plastic cabinet mould manufacturer, every year plastic storage cabinet mould we would export at least 20 sets.

kids storage cabinet mould.jpg

As is know to know, Children’s usage product request very high production quality level. Especially for the plastic parts, the most important request is the flash should be zero problem. Sino mould made daily use Plastic Drawer Storage Cabinet Mould as below production characteristic:

  • Different colors, handles and styles of mobile storage cabinet available design, Totally knock down and assembled easily design

  • Long life with high quality steel material

  • Air venting solution in the plastic cabinet mould molding key point area

  • Special hot runner design system with filter for environmental plastic material.

  • ...

Welcome you visit Sino mould and make detail consultation for the cooperation. Sino team would do our best support you high quality Children's toy storage cabinet mould. Whatsapp contact: 008615067608197 Mail:

Date:2018-05-25 17:56:19

Sino team is leading in manufacturing with large size plastic molds and large tonnage injection molding machines, to offer customers with large industrial plastic parts turnkey molding lines equipment. For instance, industrial big parts like plastic pallet injection molding lines, industrial dustbin and logistics container box molding lines...

With these big size injection molds developing, we have mold flow analysis to check the parts feasibility and optimized shortcomings during design process. Our company has big stroke tooling machines suitable for molds more than 80T with milling. we are full able to make different side and shape plastic pallet molds, dustbin molds up to 360L, logistic containers folding or non-foldable series.

To match these big parts molds making, we have injection machines from 1150 up to 4000T, ok for molds testing and turnkey lines equipment supplying. Machines adopts with good brands parts to guarantee long working time. Also clamping platen are designed thicker and high precision tooling to keep high vertical to smooth molds running. In addition. With these large parts molds and molding machine turnkey solution, our engineering team would be at site for you on equipment installations. If you have any big parts need to make molds or machines, welcome take a visit to our company for more details.

Ms Diana

Tel/whatsapp: 0086 13757677056


industrial part molding machine offering

Date:2018-05-21 19:01:34

crate molding

With widely application of crates in transportation and agriculture, most investors put their eyes on developing crate factory building. No matter you are experience crate supplier which want to enlarge factory or you had no experience in molding, we could provide you satisfy crate line solution.

Crate line building contains crate mould, injection molding machine with its auxiliary equipments, such like chiller, crusher, material auto loading, water tower and so on.

What definite a good quality crate mold? First of all, you need to choose suitable mold steel. Accord to production capability, crate mould will chose P20 for single cavity, DIN 1.2344 for two or four cavities. Second is optimal mold structure. Take advantage of exporting about 400-500sets crate tools to all world customers, we had sense on marketing and independent design development. Last but not the least is mold delivery time. Our working teams keep words in mind which is time is money, quality is basic.

After you preparing fantastic crate mould, it is also important to find a high efficiency molding machine for injecting crates. We need to consider machine injection speed, pressure, molding weight and check if it is stability operation. Whats more, crates production is huge which means short cycle time, lowest crate weight. And for this, we need to others equipments for improve. Chiller improves better cooling, material auto loader saving time and others.

Any question regard to crate line building, pls feel free to contact me.

From: Stacy


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Date:2018-05-19 10:50:35

Ice cream containers are widely used and be attractive by customers. That’s why most plastic suppliers interestedice cream container mould. SINO MOULD, which in this line ofice cream container mold manufacture, could offer you a fine solution.

food container

Good assembling ice cream container solution:

When we received customer sent ice cream containers sample or 3D drawing, first, our designers will check the assembling. If customer require a high demanding assembling, our product designers will check design and offer the slove solution.

The ice cream lid rib and ice cream container rib need a suitable structure. In addition, theice cream container mouldand ice cream lid mould will have optimal cooling system and air venting system.

IML ice cream container mold solution

Take advantage of IML technology, it make the ice cream container more attractive. IML label on ice cream container will easy for customer to remember the brand. We have much experience to offer you IML turnkey project which contains an IML label, IML robot, IML ice cream container injection mould, IML ice cream container injection molding machine and so on.

Any question regarding to ice cream container mouldor a solution about IML ice cream container, please feel free to contact me.

From: Stacy

Skype: sinogroupe-62

Date:2018-05-18 15:28:59

disposable syringe molds

Are you looking for reliable manufacturer of disposable medical molds in China?

Welcome to excellent medical mold maker, Sino Mold Co., Ltd have a rich experience for disposable medical molds, such like syringe plunger mold, syringe barrel mold and syringe gasket mold. Sino Mold Co., Ltd will offer customer a fine solution for multi cavities medical molds suit with high speed injection.

Nowadays, the disposable medical mold making business have seen a complete paradigm shift, and these greater demands being made on the mold maker that supplies these high volume medical molds. The mold maker has added the time to design process that ultimately eats into the lead time for the mold build.

China is still the looming economic giant, even to the medical market. There are more and more devices and disposables being manufactured in China. When a health-care worker came to our shop last fall to give us all our flu shots, he had a box full of syringes with 'made in China' on the box. How much influence will China have on the medical industry remains to be seen, so Chinese mold makers are expanding and quality are improving to reach international standard.

If you are interested or have any related disposable medical molds projects in future, pls feel free to contact us.

Posted by Ms. Rachel

Date:2018-04-30 23:13:58

Sino mould specialize in the Home appliance plastic injection mould,till now we have made many home appliance mould especially for the TV mould, air conditioner mould, wash machine mould, plastic fan mould, cleaner mould…and etc.

As one of the china home appliance mould manufacture leader, Sino mould always devote ourselves making high precision production and outstanding design. Each month we will organize relative technical person and designer training for the newest design structure and industry fresh design research, our technical skill continuously precipitate and our processing machine keep upgrading. Meanwhile our production worker constant learning and sublimation, make a high quality mould, we are serious.

We are warmly welcome you down visiting us,we will show you our best technology and production ideal, help you design outstanding goods and earn market. Sino mould will let you know we are your best choice and with perfect running system. Please feel free to contact us as below email address: Whatsapp:008615067608197

Date:2018-04-30 20:52:47

In drinking market, water cap mold anti-theft drawing will be more popular because it could give customers impression that water bottle was not been open before. So, this kind of water cap mold took a high proportion in factory cap mold exporting.

water cap mold

Anti-theft caps molding

1. Caps need good assembling with injected PET preforms, no matter its fitting issue or water seal function. Designer need to consider its suitable cap ribs thickness and demolding angle.

2. For injecting this cap mold, raw material with high MFI will be easy for injection and ejection, index around 20 will be prefer.

3. Anti-theft water cap mold had two kinds of drawings, one is anti-theft was designed by mold slides moving, the another way is not but customer need to purchase cutting machine, then cut injected caps into anti-theft ribs.

4. Slides cap mould drawings need to design with multi-group water lines. Cooling diameter dimension bigger than 10mm will be better in cooling result. Besides, air venting system is also pay more important role. Designers need to seriously consider its position and make a suitable solution plan. Normally, once drawings finished, our team will make mold flow analysis. This way could check injection balance or not, injection pressure and check suitable clamping force.

5. To make a high precision and high quality anti-theft caps moulds, tooling machines are important. High precision lathe, EDM and wire-cutting, all are most important process.

6. Once cap mould work with high speed molding machine, its cycle time will be greatly reduce to shortest. High speed and high injection parameter, caps molding will be quick and nice performance.

From: Stacy


Whats APP:+8615168642559

Date:2018-04-30 20:25:26

SINO CHINAPLAS2018 was heldin April24-27th .2018,it is very successful exhibition .we show 20L bucket turnkey production line 750ml .8 cavity thin wall containers mould  and bi-colormobile cover ,our booth have attractive by many customer .especially our 20L bucket mould.

In our booth ,there attract many customerfrom different countries ,the 20L bucket ,weight 630gram ,used on foodproduction line , thickness 1.3mm . in mould lable bucket production line cycletime at 20s .this high speed are amazing by many of our customers .

20L IML bucket mould production line .

Mould:20L bucket mould with Becu

Injection machine :600HH high speed injectionmachine with servo motor .

Cycle time :20s

We have provide customers with 20L bucket production line of plastic production line ,including machines,molds,and manyother auxiliaries machines,etc ,we have offered turnkey solution projects formore than many countries . such as Ethiopia ,Guinea , Congo ,South Africa,Mexico ,Venezuela …… meanwhile ,we have established agents in severalcountries already .

we are working on nationalholiday , if you are in TAIZHOU ,Zhejiang province ,welcome to visit ourfactory.


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