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Date:2017-11-30 16:18:20

As we all know, battery box is a containerfor battery, because battery expand with heat and contract , we need to takethis factor in consideration during the products design. Today, let us discussabout battery box inserts.

There are many places needed inserts in thebattery box mold, we call these inserts are battery box mold inserts.

For first example, Some customers whoprefer their battery box to have two different designs,:box bottom with rib andbox bottom without ribs, This request the mold to have interchangeable insertson the bottom. So when we need which one, put the one into the mold. It will bemore convenient for clients to achieve two different requirements of clients.

For second example, on the battery box ,positive and negative inserts must be changeable, as well as and the place forthem. The Lead inserts Positive and Negative are different. This also requestto have interchangeable inserts on the mold.

For third example, on the battery lid thereis an additional hole, which must be with changeable inserts. It is for magiceye.

To know more about battery box mold inserts or plastic injection moldingplastic battery mold,

please feel free to contact us!

Contact me to get best price for Interchangeable battery box mold!


Date:2017-11-30 15:57:59

Sino Holdings group is one of leading plastic crate molds manufacturerin China. We have manufactured more than 2500 sets different plastic crate mold for our customers from company establishing. It is a wide range plastic crate molds, such as coca cola plastic bottle crate mold, industrial crate mould, vegetable crate mold, fruit crate mold, fish crate molds, plastic bread crate mold, milk crate mold, foldable crate mold, one off thin wall crate molds, double wall injection crate molds, two side stackable crate molds, etc.,

With past years, Sino has good plastic crate mold cooperation with German and Italy customers, has accumulated and updated many times for advanced plastic crate mold design and crate mold tooling.

Especially we have done many 2 cavities and 4 cavities crate mold with fast cycle molding cycle, min. we can get 15s for our one off crate molds. And for cola bottle crate mold, we design bottle crate mold with 4 side angle lift design and 4 sides handle with hollow on the 4 side wall. With such plastic bottle crate mold, we can develop with 2 cavities with crate mold cycle time 35 seconds with automatic dropping down.

Plastic crate mould

How to make sure high quality crate mold? A good crate mold should be:

*long crate mold life with high quality mold steel

*crate mold easy injection and fast crate mold cycle time

*air venting solution system for crate molding

* Special hot runner system filter design for recycled material

*insert interchangeable system for crate mold

*advanced crate mold design like cooling system, demolding system…

If you are looking for top quality plastic crate molds manufacturer in china, pls do not hesitate to contact with us. We convince that you will find high cost performance plastic crate molds in Sino.


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Date:2017-11-30 15:32:37

Les gobelers aeriens et tasses de PS deveinnent le plus en plus populaire sur le marche. Dakumar est specialise pour offrir la solution de toute la ligne de production du gobelet aerien, qui inclut le moule du gobelet aerien, la machine dinjection du gobelet aerien et les machine dauxiliare.

Pour fabriquer le gobelet aerien, les equipement principaux sont moules et machines. SINO MOULD a rich experience de faire le moule du gobelet aerien de 2 cavite, 4 cavite, 6 cavite et plus dans lavenir. Differente cavite est selon de la demande de quantity de notre client. Par example, avec 6 cavite, le volume de production est pres de 2700 pcs chaque heure. Et pour la differente cavite du moule de gobelet aerien, la machine dinjection est different, par example:

Pour moule de PS gobelet de 2 cavite, on utilise DKM180T machine dinjection.

Pour moule de PS gobelet de 4 cavite, on utilise DKM250T machine dinjection.

Pour moule de PS gobelet de 6 cavite, on utilise DKM350T machine dinjection.

Et si vous avez besoin de la production de haute vitesse, on a aussi la machine de haute vitesse pour vous choissir, notre 5H machine 200HH ou 300HH. Le temps de cycle pour normal machine dinjection est 8-10s. Mais dans notre machine de haute vitesse, le temps de cycle, on peut arriver 6s a 8s. Voila vous donnez le haut volume de production.

Aux clients qui commencent un nouveau projetde fabriquer le gobelet PS ou gobelet aerien, la plus importante question est comment commencer et utiliser lusine plastique est ce quils se soucient. Mais avec laide de Dakumar, vous navez pas besoin dinquieter cela. On peut vous envoyer un ingenieur pour vous aider, installer la machine,essayer le moule. On peut aussi former votre ouvriers. Alors,

Si vous commencez de zero, vous aussi peuvez utiliser notre machine apres notre ingenieur reste chez vous pour 10 jours.

Dakumar deja offre le moule et la machine a plus de 50 pays et aider plus de 100 clients commencer une nouvelle entreprise de toute la ligne de production de gobelet aerien, si vous avez besoin les details, me contactez par whatsapp /wachat:0086 15215807160 ou A la meme temps, notre website pour moule est: pour la machine est: .

Mlle Corine

Date:2017-11-30 13:54:25

Sino Mould, as a professional mould manufacturer, we have made lots of thinwall food container moulds. Mature mould design of thinwall food containermoulds,the demolding system can use stripper, air ejector, side air etc

according to the products. Good cooling channel achieve the short cycle time, and it also can add the beryllium copper to reduce the cycle time due to better heat conductivity.

Round thinwall food container mould

Raw material: PP

Wall thickness: 0.55mm

Usage: fast food packaging

Core and cavity steel: S136 stainless steel with HRC45-48

Guarantee mould life: 3 million shots.

Injection gate: full hot runner point gate

Cycle time: 6 seconds

Dakumar high speed injection molding machine is more suitable for thinwall products, accumulator can make injection faster, and high speed machine can achieve mould opening, ejection and charging at the same time.

For after-sales service, if any parts damaged due to the quality, we will send new parts for free during one year. If you are new in this field, SINO isyour best choice, we could offer the whole production line for you, and we will send engineer to your factory to help and teach you.

If you have any interests of thinwall food container mould or thinwall container production line, welcome to inquiry.

Posted by Erin


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Date:2017-11-29 22:30:22
Date:2017-11-29 22:27:04

Toutes la ligne de production plastique, SINO MOULD & DAKUMAR sont professionnel dans le domain de vous peut offrir divers type de toutes la ligne plastique. Pour le moule de caisse et la machine d’injection de caisse, on a deja rich d’experience d’offrir plus de 100 different ligne de caisse.  

On a des experience de fabriquer moule de caisse plus de 30 annne, donc, on peut suggerer ou offrir notre client les meilleures solutions et plans selon les fonds de notre client, on sait la quelle type et machine il a besoin d'acheter d'abord.

L’acier pour moule de caisse, on peut utiliser de P20 a DIN2344, on aussi peut utiliser les partieavec cuproveryllium; system de canal chaud est le marque de nous-meme ou les specials. Pour la conception de moule de caisse, c'est important de dessiner une super et ferme moule pour utiliser long temps.

Et le system de refroidissement, c’est meilleures de le dessiner droit, ou laisse chaque circulation de refroidissement le moins le meilleure.

Avec machine d’injection de caisse, le moteur electrique de notre Dakuamar machine d’injection est professionnel pour long temps travail. Il a grand et evident advantages est economique d’energie.

On fabrique la machine utilise les pieces detachee de connu marque et notre machine a haute precision, alors elle est bon pour le moule de caisse, On peut avoir moins temps de cycle. Alors pour les caisses standards, le temps de cycle est 30s. Pour les caisse de parois fin, il a justement besoin de 15 seconds.

On est profesionnel d’offrir haute qualite de toute la ligne de production de caisse, si vous etesinteressee a notre moule et machine, n’hesitez pas me contactez, svp.

Mlle Corine

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Date:2017-11-29 22:09:37

There are more than 1500 Million of disposablethin wall container are consumed .the mostly are fast food container made by polystyrenefoam,some are blister fast food container . PP thin wallfast food container are less than 10% of themarket.

PP fast food container is a low costproduct , so usually , manufacture can get profit only with high speedproducing ,that is with fast cycle time . take one of our thin wall box as anexample . 250ml thin wall container , the cycle time is about 5 to 6 secondsper shot . mould temperature 5-10 normal water . usually , the thickness of thePP fast food container is no more than 0.5mm . the thickness is hard to fill .thatis why thin wall container mould need high speed injection machine for massproduction . we are professional high speed machine manufacture in China .

We can offer you suitable high speed machine to product thin wall container box .

What suitable high speed injection forproduce thin wall container shall be .

1)High speed injecting .

2)Low pressure injecting.

3)Low temperature injecting .

If you have new project about thin wallcontainer or high speed injection molding machine ,welcome to contact me .

Posted by Selinda



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Date:2017-11-29 21:55:33

SINOMOULD is professional in making all kinds of plastic crate mould. With many years’ experience in plastic crate  mould, we have a series of tooling standard for the China plastic crate mould which will reduce the delivery time.

With reasonable tooling technology, applied Fidia high precision CNC milling center to make smooth parting line on  product surface, especial handle parts. And good dimension tolerance is greatly helpful for mold matching process  and balance wall thickness on double wall bottle crate mold.

What’smore, we have establish a special team to make the plastic crate mould, this is no need for your to worry about  the mold design, mould tooling process, mouldm aintenance. Also we have introduced many famous brand tooling  machines from Japan, Germany, Italy.. Which will be ensure with size of the crate moulds.

Platic Crate Mould

For the hot runner systems, we always use our own brand Anole hot runner system with German heating elements.  We will take care of both mould and hot runner after sales, so you do not need to worry about the hot runner  problems.

We also could provide the turkey solutions for the Crate Project, which including the crate mould, injection molding  machine, and any other auxiliary machines.

If you are interested in the Plastic Crate Mould, do not hesitate to come to our factory, we are devoting to offer each  customer with the best mould quality and service.

Postedby  Amanda

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Date:2017-11-29 18:44:45

Plastic chairs have been an essential household product in thecurrent life. How to make a good and high quality plastic chair mould ? Welcometo Sino ,we are professional plastic mould maker. Especially in plastic chairmould making , we have made various kinds of chair, like rattan chair , handlechair, beach chair , air assisted chair , PC chair etc.

 Howto make a plastic chair mould ?

1.Mould steel are usually used P20 or 718

2.Gate: 90% are used edge gate

3.Ejector way: pin ejector, automatic ejector with robot

 4.Surface treatment: polishing, leather, leather area

 5.Surface inspection:

Chair Mould Supplier-Sino

Bhave: not pull line.

Flying edge: the foot of the chair, theseam seam, because of bad exhaust, easy to appear flying side.

Superpositio: More than 10 chairs - do nottilt the superposition of two superimposed chair foot distance should notexceed 60mm, and after the superposition of easy separation

(superimposed reinforcement generallylocated under the seat):lighting brightness.

Strength: white hat (because the lightingis not good).

 Forthe plastic chair injection machine , according to our experienced, it’ssuggested to use DKM650T machine , it’s depends on the chair product weight.The weight smaller than 2500g, we suggest to use 650 tonnage machine , ifbigger one , can try 780 tonnage machine, and some special chair , need morethan 1000 tonnage machine with lengthened nozzle.

 Ifyou are looking for a good plastic chair mould maker , please kindly contact us,we will give you the best solution .



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Date:2017-11-29 17:13:59

IML system, one of the popular production lines in summer, have developed more and more large in plastic injection trade.We use for ice cream production line, food thin wall container production line and so on.

IML production line includes thin wall mold, high speed injection molding machine, robot, IML converys and some assessories, such as water chiller, auto loader, air dryer.

A total IML plastic injection molding system will take a lot cost. So usually, investors will choose much competitive price from supplier.

Sino Holdings, one of the professional plastic injection molding solution supplier in China, have more than 15 years for providing different kinds of plastic production line all over the world. We have mold for sale with injection molding machine. We aim to help clients for a turnkey plastic injection molding solution We ever offer chair production line for Venezuela, offer auto parts production line for Iran.

We have engineer can give you full set of IML production line and help clients from zero.We can send our engineer for training in your factory and teach one by one step.

container injection molding machine

At last, any plastic injection molding project need our help, welcome to our factory for further discussing, we will offer you a satisfited  solution.

Date:2017-11-29 16:53:36

SINOMOULD has rich experience in makingplastic cap injected moulds , such as,anti-theft cap mold, flip top cap mould, bowknot cap mould, water cap mold,shampoo cap mould, bounce type cap moulds and so on. Each month, we exported world market about 20-30 sets plastic cap injectedmould.

We choseS136, Stavax ESR 136 made in ASSAB, withHRC 45-48. This mold steel will prolong the mold guaranteed life 1M. For themedical cap molds, we could specially deal with mold material with higher hardensince medical cap could not use oil but also suffer high clamping. And thissteel will make cap molds high polishing.

Inaddition, we had experienced plastic cap mold team. In mold design, we willoffer optimal cooling system and air venting system. And during cap moldmanufacture, each process finish, the mold part will through bridge coordinatemeasuring machine to check the precision. What’s more, our machine toolingequipment has Japan Shaddick, Italy Fidia, and so on. Take advantage of highprecision equipment, our whole mold delivery time could ensure about 45days.

plastic cao samples

Anyquestion regarding to plastic cap injected mould, please feel free to contactme and also welcome to visit our factory.


Date:2017-11-28 16:12:28
Plastic Molding Service
Sino Moldings is a qualified Molding Supplier in China, offers good price Plastic Moldings worldwide.
China Plastic Molding company-SINO is Chinese Plastic Molding technologies innovator, Chinese Plastic Molding supplier and China Plastic Molding Company.
With advanced plastic Injection Moulding Process, Services & technology, Sinomould stands as a famous Plastic Injection Molding manufacturer and supplier in China.

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