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Date:2018-03-31 16:09:13

To install a large box production line requires huge amounts of money to purchase high quality large box moulds, large injection moulding machine, prepare enough workshop space and hire professional engineers for production. 

Ultra_large capacity box which we called large box usually mean the volume over 500liters up to 1000 liters box. The mould size for 1000 liters box is around 2250 x 2250 x 2000 mm, mould weight around 60-70 ton. A single mould plate weight would be more than 5 ton. The mould requires large CNC precision milling machine to do the machining. So mould maker should be very professional with high end machining equipment. As the biggest mould maker, SINO GROUP has high standard CNC milling machine which able to tooling 4 meters steel. And we have crane over 50 ton lifting force. SINO GROUP can supply a prefect large box moulding solution according to customers’ demand. Our professional technical team will make analysis to the project and offer mould development feasibility analysis report to customers before start tooling. If you want to learn more about large box production line information, we can share our option and experience with you, also we can share videos of complete large box moulding line with robot system working automaticly. 

Large Box Production Line

Date:2018-03-31 11:36:29

The chairs are becoming more and more variety in the market. In order to meet the marketing requirement and reduce manufacture invest, as a famous chair mould maker, Sino Mould has succeed in offering interchangeable insert chair mould for customers.

Regard to the interchangeable insert chair mould,it means that we change the back or seat mould insert for the chair, so that we can get many different kinds of chairs on one chair mould. All of the chairs look beautiful without any flaw, comparing with the chair made without inserts,you can hardly find the difference between them. In this way, customer can save lots of investment and test the marketing which type is more popular.

If your factory has an engineer who has experience in changing the insert, it is very easy for him. However, if you are a new factory and without any experience, don’t worry, we can offer the training for your staff how to change the insert, how to maintenance the chair mould and insert.

If you are interested in interchangeable insert chair mould, or have any related project, please feel free to contact with us, we can have further discuss abouttechnical.

Contact person: Shelly

Mob/whatapp: + 86 183 5767 2960


Date:2018-03-30 16:42:45

Sino Mould is very professional plastic chair molding manufacturer in China, we have rich experience in making chair mould and to be a famous plastic chair mold maker.

In recent years, the using of plastic furniture has been increased rapidly, plastic furniture have been able to take very big market success while its very light weight, durable and easy for transport, competitive price, beautiful design can be made in various color and design. Most used in garden, office and home, so now its more and more popular used plastic furniture.

We made many chairs for different sharp, such like are chair, armless chair, gas assistant chair, baby chair, backrest chair, chair seat and so on. Different chair which meet varies demand indifferent area in our daily life.

Pay high attention should be taken while in chair mold design, precision inspection of the all the parts including cooling system, mold precise inspection of the all parts including cooling systems, hydraulic oil channel system , hot runner , mould plate, ejector pin, stripper, ejector block or slider system should be done. Interchangeable back rest inserts helps to get new chair design.

Demand of fashionable and unique design of plastic furniture is increasing day by day. SINO MOULD can provide complete andcost effective solution regarding plastic chair mold of any kinds of customer's own unique design conveniently.Considering mold cost and customer investment P20 steel is mostly used in core and cavity however 718 steel is very good steel for high quality and mirror polish of the core and cavity. These mould requires high polishing, mold flow analysis and proper venting. Steel hardness play vital role in mold longevity,avoid flashes at the ends and sides of the product and also avoid other kind of defects in mould.

Sino Mould Co., Ltd, the most wellknow plastic chair mold molding manufacturer, if you have any idea to set up for this new project, welcome to contact us.

plastic chair molding manufacturer.jpg

Ms. Rachel


Date:2018-03-29 19:16:53

Sino Holdings Group is the mostprofessional manufacturer in offering plastic turkey production line, weoffered more than 100 lines for fruit crate turnkey production line worldwide.

In recent years, the cartons used asshipping packages for fruits and vegetables have been gradually phased out andreplaced by plastic turnkey crates, which are antifreeze, moisture-proof andeasy to transport. With the advantages of high quality, high efficiency, lownoise and low energy consumption, Plastic crate production line has theadvantages of advanced, high quality, high efficiency, low noise, low energyconsumption, etc.

Sino Mould Co., Ltd, one member of SinoHoldings Group, is professional manufacturing fruit crate production linesequipment, with the latest technology, the highest configuration, highefficiency and energy saving fruit crate production line. Fruit crate adopt HDPEnew material and appropriate strengthening agent, its performance strength ishigh, bear strength, service life is long, can bear acid and alkali, oilresistance, non-toxic tasteless, clean, stacking neat, easy to manage. Theenvironmental protection effect is obvious, this is the reason why the plasticfruit crate is more and more popular. Sino Holdings Group fruit crate mold qualitypoints:

1. long life with high quality steelmaterial, and in order to meet customer cycle time requirements, so we willadopt Cube.

2. high speed performance with idealcooling.

4. air venting solution in the cratemolding keypoint area.

5. professional design with filter forrecycle material.

Dakumar Machinery Co., Ltd, one member ofSino Holdings Group, our machine model from DKM50 ton to DKM4000ton, which canmeet all plastic crate mold needed, the normal fruit crate suit one Dakumarmachine model 550ton and 650ton. The right one will be according to the finalfruit crate design.

If you have any idea to set up a factoryfor fruit crates, welcome to email us, we are sure to offer you a fine solution for fruit crate turkey production line.

Date:2018-03-29 08:04:34

Sino is a professional plastic molding lines supplier in china, we have full capacity to offer you with various molding production lines, such as pallet molding production lines.

With industrial pallet molding lines, we supply to our customers with single face pallet molding lines, double face 2 entry pallet molds, double face 4 entry pallet molding lines and so on.

You can find below our features for pallet molding lines, as well as service and support from us:

1. Experienced sino design and engineering team

For molds making, we have more than 25 year working experience on pallet molds, and for injection molding machines has more than 15 years. Sino engineering know well both on molds and injection machine.

2. Full support both for pallet molds and pallet molding machines

Sino team offer good quality pallet mold design, with optional cooling system. Proper machine millings for radius with good strength and smooth demoulding. Even part filling with mold flow analysis.

With injection machines, we have 2800ton, 3350T, 4000T available for pallet molding purpose. All machine fixed with servo motor system and good brands machine parts.

3. Prompt after sale service

We offer 24 hours online injection machine molding service. And we will send our engineers abroad for commission service on spot in customer factory.

If you interest to start a pallet molding lines in your factory, pls feel free to contact with us.


whatsapp: +86 13757677056

pallet molds & pallet molding machines

Date:2018-03-26 11:24:13

Based on our know-how and years of experiences and development, we are professional in offering tailor-made solution for all your packing projects. Line solution including moulds, injection molding machine, auxiliary equipment, technical supports,etc. Till now, we have already helped customer established over 1000 sets line,such as 72 cavities preform and cap production line, 64 cavities PET preform production line, 5 gallon production line.

For PET preform mould or cap mould, all the core and cavity are with insert design for convenient mould maintenance, each cavity are interchangeable with strict dimension control. We use S136 stainless steel material for food polish and long time running. The vertically of the mould 2 half must be uniform, with optimized cooling system design, the mould could running high speed.

We can support you with budget and analysis for your production cost, and give you most reasonable design of plant segment. We can give you more support than machine or mould for turnkey line solution.

With above services and advantages, we are surely that SINO will be your best supplier. If you are alsolooking for PET preform moulds, please feel free to contact Miss Nancy.

Cell phone: 0086 137 58679372

Skype: sinomould-01


PET Preform Mould-Valve Gate System

Date:2018-03-24 15:53:01

SINO MOULD is a leading large plastic moulds maker in China with rich experience in making large moulds,  such as pallet mould, pallet box mould, industrial garbage bin moulds…

For pallet box moulds, we have experience in making mouldsfor different size such as 1200*1000*760mm, 1200*1000*860mm and for different design, such as solid wall and net wall design non-foldable and foldable pallet box  moulds… Our moulds are supplied for pallet Box Company from Russia, Turnkey, Germany…

pallet box mould China

To make large box moulds, we have invested a lot on the worship facility and equipment. For the workshop,  our  ground is specially strengthened for heavy moulds. And we also have big crane in our factory with 50T capacity,  to makesuper size pallet box moulds. We invested a lot of advanced equipment from Sweden, Germany,  and Japanese with high precision and large stroke. We have big CNC milling machine  with stoke  4200*2500*1100 mm. And large moulds also required large size injection machine for mould trial testing,  for example we have 1650T, 2800T, 3350T,4000T injection machine for testing.

Besides moulds, we could also provide turnkey solution for pallet box production line including pallet box moulds, machine and accessory.If you are interested and need more details,pls contact us!

whatsapp 0086 15858685625

pallet box mould China

Date:2018-03-21 17:04:30

SINO MOULD can offer customer Plastic Household Laundry Basket Mold,

We can tailor various kinds of plastic household laundry basket mold.

Basic info:

Name: plastic laundry basketmold

Cavity: 1

Plastic material: ABS, PC,PS, PE, PA, PP, POM, PMMA

Runner: hot runner

Design software: UG

Mold steel: 718

Steel hardness: HRC28-35

Mold life: 1000000 shots

Delivery time: 45 working days

Mold release: auto drop

Why choose SINO MOULD?

1.Our company is collection research and development, production, sales for the integration of technology companies, provide one-stop production and sales service.

2.We have high level designers team and we adopt advanced machine as CNC/DMG/EDM/.

3.We have first-class product quality, improve the mold design, advanced production and processing technology, reasonable price, the excellent ability to deliver on time.

4.With strict quality management system.

5.We are all with high quality and customer demand as the center. We can tailor various kinds of products for each customer as your requirements.

6.Quality and integrity are all the first and important.

If you have any demand for Plastic Household Laundry Basket Mold, welcome to contact Miss Nancy, we support you more than molds.

Plastic Household Laundry Basket Mold.jpg

Cell phone: 0086 137 58679372

Skype: sinomould-01


Date:2017-12-23 14:45:45

Dakumar injection machine offers injectionmachine of various types, Its technology is becoming mature and it is sold tocustomers all around the world and win people’s good opinion. Now we alreadyhave some agent in some area in the world, such as Greece, Mexico, Nepal and soon.

1. Dakumar serves machines of differenttype.

Standard injection machine, servoenergy-saving injection machine, high speed injection machine, PET/PVCinjection machine.

2. Dakumar serves machines of differentsize.

Standard injection machine from 50T to4000T, Servo injection machine from 50T to 4000T, high speed injection machinefrom 200T to 400T. In our workshop. We already have 2600T and 3350 T injectionmolding machine in stock. We could sale to clients anytime. It will shorten thedelivery time.

3. Machine characteristics and advantages.

The machines have the advantages ofhigh-performance, high stable, high safety, and cost-effective. It has highperformance price ratio. It will be a money printer for clients and provideclients most benefits.

plastic injection molding machine

different types of injection machinehavetheir own chracteristics.

For servo energy-saving injection machine,it saves energy, could work stably, response quickly, operate quietly and havereliable pressure holding performance and oil temperature controlling. Forcustomers in the countries where the electricity charge is high, it will becost effective to purchase servo machine,

For high speed injection machine, strictly,it is injection high speed. it increases the speed of injection by usingaccumulator. So it is very suitable for thin wall products which need high injectionspeed.

Any interest, pls let me know.


Date:2017-12-23 14:09:48

Sino Mould is a very professional plasticchair mold making company in China. We have accumulated much experience inmaking chair mold and became a famous plastic chair molds maker. We now developa mold design team for more than 50 people for studying different kinds ofplastic injection mold.

Today ,let us discuss about the plasticchair mold, some clients called plastic chair tool, plastic chair die.

For the shape, we offer arm chair, armlesschair, baby chair, non-leg chair, steel-leg chair, backrest chair seat……..

For the function: we offer home chair, officechair, public chair, garden chair, beach chair……

Different chair will meet varies demand indifferent area in our daily life.

Chair mould information

Material: PP, PP+20 %( 25%) Caco3 PC, PA,PA+GF

Chair Weight: 1700-4000g 650-900g

Injection Way: edge gate, direct cone, hotrunner

Ejection Way: ejector pin

Appropriate Steel: SC45 P20 DIN1.2311 orbetter

Cycle time: armchair 55-60s Armless chair45-50s

Producing period: 65days for T1 mouldtesting, 15-20days for modification.

plastic chair mold

Mould key points


1. parting line

2. surface polish & shrink mark control

3. air-venting & eject white

4. stacking problem

5. chair weight control

6. strength

Sino is a well-

known plastic chair moldsmaker. And if you have any idea about the chair mold we also can design the mold as your request.So if you want to establish relationship with professional chair maker. Pleasefeel free to contact me.


Date:2017-12-23 13:02:37

Sino automotive Mould Co.,Ltd is the branch company of SINO HOLDINGS GROUP. We are leading injection mould manufacturer in China, specialized in automotive moulds such as: bumper,control panel, shock absorber, fan tray, grilles, and so on.

SINO auto mould has strong management for the quality and order project control. We have 40 engineers for mould analysis and mould design. The software we use are:Unigraphics, Pro-E, Solidworks, Mouldflow, high precision tooling machine withour working team with project dept. quality dept. and processing dept. devotedin the whole order processing control. SINO AUTO MOULD has our own R&Ddepartment for project research and new item development.

From now, we have developed market for OEM and aftersales market for brand like followings: Benz,Honda, Nissan, TOTOTA and so on. We extend our warmest welcome to you visit to SINO AUTOMOTIVE MOULD to understand more about us.

Not only for moulds, we also offer customers turnkey solution for automotive moulds, including injection molding machine, auxiliary equipment, technical support, etc.

Weare warmly welcome your down visiting and would like to develop long term friendly cooperation by our best quality automotive moulds,and diamond service.

Contact person: Miss Nancy


Wechat/WhatsApp:0086 137 5867 9372

Automotive Mould.jpg

Date:2017-12-22 16:56:36

SINO HOLDINGS GROUP is specialized in design and manufacture various types of High Quality Cap Moulds, for the cap mould, we offers fliptop cap mould, water cap mould, juice cap mould, spray cap mould which suit for different bottle size. We could also make PET preform mould with multi-cavity for 30ml until 5 gallon bottle capacity.

Also, we offer turnkeysolution for package industry, multi-cavity moulds for PET preform, flip topcap solution with automatic close up to 48 cavities, test tube 48 cavitysolutions, syringe production line for medical field.

SINOR&D department has strict quality inspection and control system for each type of PET preform system product, as well as mould dimension and quality control unscrewing system driven by motor, multi-direction branch fitting connector moulds. we could offer valve gate system design for PET preform mould, cavity and core steel, Stavax S420 stainless, tempered with HRC55+/2,screw neck slide design inserted with DIN1.2316.

Weare warmly welcome your down visiting and would like to develop long term friendly cooperation by our best quality High Quality Cap Moulds,and diamond service.

Contact person: Miss Nancy


Wechat/WhatsApp:0086 137 5867 9372

High Quality Cap Moulds.jpg

Plastic Molding Service
Sino Moldings is a qualified Molding Supplier in China, offers good price Plastic Moldings worldwide.
China Plastic Molding company-SINO is Chinese Plastic Molding technologies innovator, Chinese Plastic Molding supplier and China Plastic Molding Company.
With advanced plastic Injection Moulding Process, Services & technology, Sinomould stands as a famous Plastic Injection Molding manufacturer and supplier in China.

Custom Molds


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