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Date:2017-12-23 14:45:45

Dakumar injection machine offers injectionmachine of various types, Its technology is becoming mature and it is sold tocustomers all around the world and win people’s good opinion. Now we alreadyhave some agent in some area in the world, such as Greece, Mexico, Nepal and soon.

1. Dakumar serves machines of differenttype.

Standard injection machine, servoenergy-saving injection machine, high speed injection machine, PET/PVCinjection machine.

2. Dakumar serves machines of differentsize.

Standard injection machine from 50T to4000T, Servo injection machine from 50T to 4000T, high speed injection machinefrom 200T to 400T. In our workshop. We already have 2600T and 3350 T injectionmolding machine in stock. We could sale to clients anytime. It will shorten thedelivery time.

3. Machine characteristics and advantages.

The machines have the advantages ofhigh-performance, high stable, high safety, and cost-effective. It has highperformance price ratio. It will be a money printer for clients and provideclients most benefits.

plastic injection molding machine

different types of injection machinehavetheir own chracteristics.

For servo energy-saving injection machine,it saves energy, could work stably, response quickly, operate quietly and havereliable pressure holding performance and oil temperature controlling. Forcustomers in the countries where the electricity charge is high, it will becost effective to purchase servo machine,

For high speed injection machine, strictly,it is injection high speed. it increases the speed of injection by usingaccumulator. So it is very suitable for thin wall products which need high injectionspeed.

Any interest, pls let me know.


Date:2017-12-23 14:09:48

Sino Mould is a very professional plasticchair mold making company in China. We have accumulated much experience inmaking chair mold and became a famous plastic chair molds maker. We now developa mold design team for more than 50 people for studying different kinds ofplastic injection mold.

Today ,let us discuss about the plasticchair mold, some clients called plastic chair tool, plastic chair die.

For the shape, we offer arm chair, armlesschair, baby chair, non-leg chair, steel-leg chair, backrest chair seat……..

For the function: we offer home chair, officechair, public chair, garden chair, beach chair……

Different chair will meet varies demand indifferent area in our daily life.

Chair mould information

Material: PP, PP+20 %( 25%) Caco3 PC, PA,PA+GF

Chair Weight: 1700-4000g 650-900g

Injection Way: edge gate, direct cone, hotrunner

Ejection Way: ejector pin

Appropriate Steel: SC45 P20 DIN1.2311 orbetter

Cycle time: armchair 55-60s Armless chair45-50s

Producing period: 65days for T1 mouldtesting, 15-20days for modification.

plastic chair mold

Mould key points


1. parting line

2. surface polish & shrink mark control

3. air-venting & eject white

4. stacking problem

5. chair weight control

6. strength

Sino is a well-

known plastic chair moldsmaker. And if you have any idea about the chair mold we also can design the mold as your request.So if you want to establish relationship with professional chair maker. Pleasefeel free to contact me.


Date:2017-12-23 13:02:37

Sino automotive Mould Co.,Ltd is the branch company of SINO HOLDINGS GROUP. We are leading injection mould manufacturer in China, specialized in automotive moulds such as: bumper,control panel, shock absorber, fan tray, grilles, and so on.

SINO auto mould has strong management for the quality and order project control. We have 40 engineers for mould analysis and mould design. The software we use are:Unigraphics, Pro-E, Solidworks, Mouldflow, high precision tooling machine withour working team with project dept. quality dept. and processing dept. devotedin the whole order processing control. SINO AUTO MOULD has our own R&Ddepartment for project research and new item development.

From now, we have developed market for OEM and aftersales market for brand like followings: Benz,Honda, Nissan, TOTOTA and so on. We extend our warmest welcome to you visit to SINO AUTOMOTIVE MOULD to understand more about us.

Not only for moulds, we also offer customers turnkey solution for automotive moulds, including injection molding machine, auxiliary equipment, technical support, etc.

Weare warmly welcome your down visiting and would like to develop long term friendly cooperation by our best quality automotive moulds,and diamond service.

Contact person: Miss Nancy


Wechat/WhatsApp:0086 137 5867 9372

Automotive Mould.jpg

Date:2017-12-22 16:56:36

SINO HOLDINGS GROUP is specialized in design and manufacture various types of High Quality Cap Moulds, for the cap mould, we offers fliptop cap mould, water cap mould, juice cap mould, spray cap mould which suit for different bottle size. We could also make PET preform mould with multi-cavity for 30ml until 5 gallon bottle capacity.

Also, we offer turnkeysolution for package industry, multi-cavity moulds for PET preform, flip topcap solution with automatic close up to 48 cavities, test tube 48 cavitysolutions, syringe production line for medical field.

SINOR&D department has strict quality inspection and control system for each type of PET preform system product, as well as mould dimension and quality control unscrewing system driven by motor, multi-direction branch fitting connector moulds. we could offer valve gate system design for PET preform mould, cavity and core steel, Stavax S420 stainless, tempered with HRC55+/2,screw neck slide design inserted with DIN1.2316.

Weare warmly welcome your down visiting and would like to develop long term friendly cooperation by our best quality High Quality Cap Moulds,and diamond service.

Contact person: Miss Nancy


Wechat/WhatsApp:0086 137 5867 9372

High Quality Cap Moulds.jpg

Date:2017-12-22 13:10:03

SINO MOULD CO.,LTD is the world famous chinese plastic injection mould manufacturer having great achievements in plastic mould design and manufacturing. With team of highly experienced well trained and professional engineers sino mould has sucsessfully developed various of high standard plastic injection mouldsand able to offer customer with a complete solution.

Bottle crate mold

Today, SINO MOULD is a manufacturer for many different technologically advanced markets, including themedical and dental,food packaging, automotive, life safety, lighting, and consumer product industries.Our steadfast commitment to quality in both products and customer service, as well as our constant focus on continuous improvement, has helped us to build long standing relationships with customers and achieve high levels of repeat business.

SINO MOULD dedicated mould design team is capable of utilizing very simple 2D drawings or completeCAD models. With the help of softwares like Pro-E,UG, Solidworks and Auto CAD we can provide our customer with thorough details in the design of their mould. Our mastercam is a complete CAM solution for 2- 5 axis milling . Data provided by our customers in the form of a 3D model can be used to create tool paths of any of our CNC machining centers in minutes and with great accuracy. In the design of the mold to produce the part, SINO MOULD is commited to ensure that the final product conforms to all customer requirements.

Our machines are designed for repeatability to help secure reduced labor costs and lower reject rates, saving you money.With great support of sino mould R&D department , sino has been sucessfully offering world latest injection technology solution.

Rahul Shah


Date:2017-12-21 14:23:18

Sino make washing machine plastic part injection mold, our main market is from Europe, North America, Middle east, Asia, etc. Most of the Purchase will worry about China mold quality, they would like to find a supplier who can make mold with good quality but made in China price.

Washing Machine Plastic Part Injection Mold

Washing machine is one of the necessary tool to a family. With the development of the living standard, almost all of the 80s, 90s will prefer machine washing instead of hand washing. China is a developing country, washing machine is one of the absolutely necessary to people’s daily life.

Washing machine is a kind of domestic appliance, the function is not only washing clothes, but also decorate a house. Therefore, there are many designs of the washing machine. A beautiful appearance washing machine with fashion design will be a hugely popular to consumers.

When a big brand company finished a new washing machine design, they will seek for Europe mold makers to help them customize the most suitable injection mold to make sure the plastic parts with best appearance and performance. However, most of them will shrink back at the sight of the European mold price.

To Sino, Washing machine plastic part injection mold is strength project, we has helped many European brand make hundreds of molds in last 26 years. Sino will be your best choice.

Contact with Miss Candy
wechat&whatsapp: +86 15858685263
skype: anole-hc-02

Date:2017-12-21 13:14:38

SINO HOLDINGS GROUP is specialized in design and manufacture various types of PVC,PPR, PP, PE fitting system moulds, before the branch company built up,SINO had more than 10 years in rich experiences in pipe fitting moulds manufacture. Each year, we offer over 300 sets pipe fitting moulds to the world market.

SINOR&D department has strict quality inspection and control system for each type of fitting system product, as well as mould dimension and quality control unscrewing system driven by motor, multi-direction branch fitting connector moulds.

Also,SINO choose the most suitable high quality material to bulid the moulds. With high precision tooling equipment and special steel material treatment, strict dimension control and top mentality mould progress control system, SINO moulds are warmly welcomed for the high precision of quality and prompt delivery in market in Europe, Mid-east, Africa, Asia and America countries. Each year, SINO exports international market 500 sets of fitting moulds at high quality standard.

Cavity and core steel use stavax S420 tempered with HRC.48-52, collapsible core designmin.Dia.32mm, use twice tooling: rough tooling-tempered precision tooling, todesign mould size as small as possible without compromising mould quality limit switch for slide stroke control and prolong the mould life, best cooling system for high productivity, fulfil multi-direction collapsible core system fitting shape.

We warmly welcome your down visiting and would like to develop long term friendly cooperation by our best quality PVC, PPR, PP, PE fitting system mouldsand diamond service.

Contact person: Miss Nancy


Wechat/WhatsApp:0086 137 5867 9372

PVC, PPR, PP, PE Fitting System Moulds .jpg

Date:2017-12-15 15:34:30

SINO pipe fitting Co., ltd branch form SINO HOLDINGS GROUP is specialized in designand manufacture various types of PVC, PPR, PP, PE fitting system moulds,before the branch company built up, SINO had more than 10 years in rich experiences in pipe fitting moulds manufacture.

SINO QC department has a strict inspection and control system for each type of fitting system product, as well as mould dimension and quality control system.You can get first classic pipe fitting moulds with feature of easy production,fully automatic system and high performance.

PVC,UPVC, PPR, PP, PE pipe fitting moulds with unscrewing ejection system solution,collapasible core system solution with min, 32mm, curve sliding core system solution, insert interchangeable fitting system solution, tailor-made irregular shape moulding solution…

Pipe fitting product feature:

Precision parting line in fitting surface and smooth collapasible core parting line ininner surface strict dimension control of collapasible core with precision tolerance, strict wall thickness control and assembling tolerance control,precision surface finish with smooth ejector pin mark and gate mark, reasonable gate location and runner system, high standard surface polish and finish,fulfil multi-direction collapsible core system fitting shape.

We warmly welcome your down visiting and would like to develop long term friendly cooperation by our best quality PVC, PPR, PP, PE fitting system mouldsand diamond service.

Contactperson: Miss Nancy


Wechat/WhatsApp:0086 137 5867 9372

SINO Pipe Fitting Mould.jpg

Date:2017-12-13 16:00:26

We offersyringe production line, relying on strong SINO advanced R&D team, integrating various resources of traditional industry, to create a first-class brand in industry. Our core competitive is to improve production efficiency and high pass rate in joint efforts of “SINO family” with careful cultivation and the pursuit of excellence.

Before cooperated, we would like to know your product model, picture, dimension, production capacity, etc. Please advise your detail requirements for syringe product, and then wewill depend on your special require and recommend you the most suitable equipment.


SINO form an efficient team from research and development, production, sales and service, who work in their respective fields hardly, make SINO to be full of creativity.

Our service range from GMP Clean room design and built, injection molding system with auxiliary machines, medical moulds, syringe auto assembly machine, syringe barrel printing machine, syringe blister packing machine or PE polybag sealer, totechnology transferred and installation training in local factory field, etc.

If you have any demand for syringe production line, please feel free to contact us. If you areready to get achievement, we would like to meet you.

Contact person: Miss Nancy


Wechat/ Whatsapp: 0086 137 5867 9372

Syringe Production Line.jpg

Date:2017-12-12 14:28:01

Before making the mould, we need to know customer provide product drawing, if not, we have strong design team to offer you product and mould design based on your request. The following mold manufacturing before the confirmation point should pay attention:

Productmanufacturing requirements

We will check with customer product usage, technology, dimensional accuracy andother technical requirements. For example, the appearance of plastic products,color transparency, performance requirements, plastic parts geometry, tilt, inserts and other conditions is reasonable, weld marks, miniature tolerances and other molding defects tolerance, can make the desired Products and so on. We also estimate whether the forming tolerance is lower than the tolerance of the plastic product, and whether the plastic product that meets the requirements can be formed. In addition, we will confirm with clients plastic plasticizing and molding process parameters.

Process information

Learn plastic products into the plastic, plastic material properties, mold structuretype and other requirements. Plastics should be based on product requirements, have good mobility, uniformity, thermal stability, etc.

Choose molding equipment

Injection capacity, clamping pressure, injection pressure, mold installation dimensions,ejection device and size, nozzle hole diameter and nozzle radius, gate sleeve positioning ring size, the maximum thickness and minimum thickness of the mold,the template stroke.

Hope these mold manufacturing points should useful.


Skype: sinomould-01

Whatsapp/ Wechat: 0086 137 5867 9372

Mold Manufacturing Before the Confirmation Point.png

Date:2017-12-11 10:43:55

China plastic injection molding Manufacturer –Sino Holdings is supplying PPR pipe fittings injection molding line equipment, professional on RRP fittings injection molding and equipment making.

The equipment of PPR pipe fitting by plastic fittings mould, injection molding machine, auto loader, dryer, chiller and other auxiliary equipment. Sino Holdings will custom made for customer’s product withour good experience in plastic mould, injection molding, customer only give usa sample, the all of this product production equipment will be preparing and manufacturing by us.

PPR pipe fittings usually is multi-cavities and with cold runner system, considering the PPR raw material most by powder, it is not easy palletizing or yellowing in product surface, thick thickness need hold pressurein suitable position, Sino Mould work together with Dakumar Machinery for high quality PPR pipe fitting injection molding line running, adjustment, shipping and installation or after-sale service.

PPR Pipe Fitting Injection Molding Line

Sino has supplied many PPR pipe fittings injection molding line toRussia, Iran, Portuguesa, Uruguay and etc. we are looking for custom made suitable solution for you, if you have any questions or inquiry about PPR pipe fittings injection molding line equipment please do not hesitate to contact us:


Phone/what’s up: 0086 15257606121

Date:2017-12-08 09:23:33

SINO MOULD is innovative mold manufacturer and keen on offering latest mold technology . Sino moldhas adoptedgas assistant molding technology to mold plastic products. With morethan 25 years of

experience and professional team we are able to manufacture wide range of plastic molds with latest


Gas assisted chair mold

In the gas assist molding process, the plastic mat erial is melted and injected into the mold cavities via the conventional plastic injection molding process. Plastic material in contact with the mold walls begins to solidify first. As this happens, nitrogen gas is injected into the mold through strategically designed and placed gas channels, providing pressure that pushes the plastic material into the mold extremities.

Once the plastic cures, the nitrogen is vented and the gas assist injection molded plastic parts are removed from the mold. Gas assist injection molding process animation.

Gas assistant molds, is kind of high technology for plastic injection molding, is widely used in auto parts, home appliance parts, furniture parts which parts is heave and thicker, we used gas assisted molding technology to make the part hallow and make it light.The kind of molds needs more complicated mold structure and additional gas assistant device.

Advantages includes:

  • Less plastic material needed (material saving

  • s)

  • Reduced part weight (in some cases up to 40%)

  • Decreased cycle time

  • Increased part strength and rigidity

  • Reduced warpage and distortion

  • Improved part appearance (eliminates sink marks and surface blemishes)

  • Reinforces ribbed parts

  • Increased design options for complex parts, reducing multiple part assemblies, and metal to plastic conversions

  • Enables use of smaller plastic injection molding presses

SINO MOULD is the best solution provider regarding Gas Assisted Injection Molding .

If you have requirements of gas assistant mold, or want to know about gas assistant molding,

Welcome to contact Sino Mould

Rahul Shah

whatsapp: 008613989381153

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