Injection Molding

In order to enable you to obtain the quotation or cost estimate of the target injection molding parts immediately, we created this automatic injection molding quotation system. Please tick the relevant parameters to easily obtain an accurate quotation.
1. If you only need a simple cost estimate, you only need to tick the following items: Raw Materials, Weight, Wall Thickness, Dimensions LxWxH, Mold Cavities Nr., Unit Order's Quantity;
2. If you need a more accurate quotation, in addition to the above, you need to tick the following: Molding Process Technology,The Colors, Destination Continent, Package Type, Parts' Stackability etc.
Required Fields:
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In order to provide you with accurate product quotation, please fill in the following information as much as possible.
Unit FOB Price:
(The freight is for reference only. The actual freight is subject to the freight at the time of delivery.)
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