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Plastic ps cup mould

Plastic ps cup mould is higher precision injection mould and request high speed production for airline use. Sino makes four cavities to 8cavities for high volume high speed mould.

Plastic molding factories sign contract for supplier airline companies with thinwall disposable plastic cutlery, such as plastic PS cups mould, plastic fork and spoon mould and plastic trays mould. And the requirement of the production quantity is very high.

How to get one plastic ps cup mould in high quality and high speed in production? This is the key point that you can win the narrow profit with your investment. There is following reasons:

Steel material for thinwall high speed mould must be S136 heat treatment material with HRC45-50

High quality hot runner system for fast injection and balance flow:Valve gate system Anole

Separate interlocking design with best cooling and high polish finish of moulding character

High precision tooling with strict QC control of dimension of plastic cup mould.

High speed injection molding machines with fast cycle time for 4cavities and 8cavities

Delviery time :55days

Weight of cup : 8g PS material

Cycle time of mould : 3.5s

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