Mold Rust Solution

In the process of using the mold, mold rust is a relatively easy phenomenon, which not only affects the appearance of the mold, but also affects the quality of the mold directly.       The cause of mould rust:       1. Plastic rema...



18L Paint Bucket Solution

Sino Mould specializes in the production of various plastic paint bucket mould. We have made more than 1,000 pairs of bucket molds over 20 years. With rich manufacturing experience in the design and production of bucket molds, such as: round buckets Moulds, square bucket moulds, oval bucket...



Pipe Fitting Mold

Sino Mould has been specializing in injection molds for more than 20 years. For many years, pipe fittings have been a key project of Sino Mould. All kinds of pipe molds such as Straight-through, Tee, Elbow, etc. Our company are all involved. And the function types of pipe fitting moldsare:1. Wat...



Chair Mould

Sino Mould has been making chair moulds for many years. Most of the chairs are used in restaurants, gardens, homes and offices, and are a popular investment project. Our chair molds can provide customers with higher production efficiency. In addition, we can also help you set up the chair produc...


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