20 Liter water cap production line solution

Sino Holdings has provided many sets of complete cap production lines. Regarding 20 liter water cap, it’s usually made into 8 cavities, 12 cavities,16 cavities, 24 cavities and 32 cavities for the mould.  16 cavities 20 liter water cap mouldCore and cavity steel: S136 stainless steelMould base: P20Ru...



China Thinwall food container mould maker

Sino Mould has rich experience in making high quality thinwall container moulds. We have made rectangular food container moulds, round food container moulds and square food container moulds etc. For volume, 200ml,300ml,500ml,750ml,1L… The minimum wall thickness of small container we made was 0.31mm. Norma...



Plastic Injection Mould Maker in China

As the top injection mould maker of 26 years’ experience in China, we have a great of achievements on custom plastic moulds design and manufacture. Sharing us your product idea or draft, we will realize it to final product in marketing shortly & getting profit briefly.



What Is A Good Plastic Pail Mould (II)?

Last article talked about the first two key steps for choosing a good plastic pail mould, now let us check the rest of them. 3. The mould toolingIf it do well in the step 1 and 2, the mould tooling will be very easy if the tooling equipment is precision and the workers are responsible.For the round b...


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