Test Tube Mould Made by Sino

Sino Mould is a leading manufacturer for test tube molding line in China. We transform into providing users with a complete set of intelligent injection molding equipment and injection molding solutions for test tube. Test tube is one of the most popular medical product. Due to th...



SINO PET Preform Plastic Molding Line

Sino mould is a top quality preform mould manufacturing company in china we provide customers high quality moulds with the most reasonable price. We provide customer very well service including before the sales our professional workers can give you the professional ideas about the moulds,during the sales ...



18L Paint Bucket Mold

There are many kinds of buckets, such as: round buckets Moulds, square bucket moulds, oval bucket moulds. And the capacity ranges from 1L, 3.6L, 18L to 20L. The following are the specifications of the 18L paint bucket mold and lid mold manufactured by us. 1. Mold core and cavity materi...



Medical Components Mould Made by Sino

In facing of the COVID-19, medical components have a huge market due to the high demand from the countries all over the world. The most popular medical components in the market includes test tube, syringe, petra dish, pipette tips and so on. Sino Mould is an industry leading provider of med...


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