Thinwall Food Container Introduction

Thinwall Food Containers, as the name implies, means containers with thinwall made to hold food and usually they are disposable and made of plastic. Nowadays, thinwall food container production catches more and more people’s eyes. Let me show you the charming point of the thinwall food container productio...



Thin-wall Product Mold

Sino Mould has more than 22 years of experience in producing plastic thin-wall product molds. We provide customers with entire system. Including plastic thin-wall mold, high-speed injection machine, robot, auxiliary machine such as chiller, automatic loader, etc. Ultra-thin produc...



Advantages of Plastic Paint Pail Mould

Sino Mould, a famous mould manufacturer in China, is specialized in providing high quality Plastic Paint Pails Mould with our experienced R&D team for over 20 years. We have provided more than 2500 paint pail moulds for customers domestic and abroad. Our plastic paint pails moulds have&...



Plastic Pallet Mold

Because plastic pallets are more durable than wooden pallets, so they are widely used to meet various needs of the logistics industry. Sino Mould has many years of experience in the production of pallet molds, and has designed and developed grid nine-foot pallet series, flat nine-foot series, gr...


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