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SINO MOULD is a world famous PLASTIC INJECTION MOULD manufacturer in China, a unique company, efforts for realizing plastic injection mould and molding technologies innovation for world plastic molding industries .

SINO MOULD is a private shares plastic mould company which was established on 1999 year, now there are totally 55 shareholders contain technicians, QC officers, project managers, sales managers, machining processing masters and other management team leaders. SINO PEOPLE, everyone of them has the chance to become a shareholder of SINO, if he/she does well. That’s why SINO MOULD offers good quality with on-time delivery. When new member joint into SINO family, the first training contents will be taken as follows:

How a plastic mould manufacturer to make a good mould? [Open/Close]

-For a plastic injection mould making, the PLASTIC COMPONENTS DESIGN analysis is the first and key step. If there are shortcomings or mistakes in the plastic design, it will kill all the following efforts, as the saying goes: 5 minutes in front of computer equal 5 weeks in workshop. So to make a good mould, the plastic design analysis and inspection must be 100% serious and the plastic design must be 100% optimized. -A good mould design is also the basic thing to make a good plastic injection mould. There’s none about the best mould design in the world, because there’s still space for it to be optimized, we should put much time on mould designs’ quality inspection, quality improvements, again, 5 minutes on the mould design maybe equal 5 weeks in the workshop. So a good mould manufacturing is based on the very rigorous mould design. -A good mould manufacturing should depend on very serious machining dimensions controlling to all mould parts, to ensure there’s dimension inspection for all the machining steps, to ensure all the dimensions are within tolerance. Thus it is not a mould maker if it without mentality of dimension controlling . -A good mould manufacturing should know the steel function well, different area should use different type of steel, how to control the steel hardness between the two touching and moving components. A good plastic mould manufacturing do serious controlling to all the purchased material. -A good mould manufacturing based on rich experience and technical knowledge accumulation, do mould mass production simulation for several days while not 1 or 2 hours. SINO PEOPLE remind these points in their mind and keep thinking every day, thus SINO MOULD is always on the way of improving capacity for offering a good plastic mould to you, boasts strong tech support and strict manufacturing control in guarantee of high quality plastic injection moulds. Come to visit SINO MOULD, we are making MONEY PRITNER for you! We are working on quick answer, quick actions and quick solutions!


we offer upon requirement and budget plan- standard injection mold with 1 year quality free guarantee -2 mold shot from 500k upto 10million shot mold life -3 prototype mold meeting rapid market mold guarantee time -4 tailor made special support of maintenance and warranty time all Sino mould is lifetime service and drawing support

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