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SINO MOULD is a world famous PLASTIC INJECTION MOULD manufacturer in China. Making efforts for realizing plastic injection mould and molding technologies & innovation for world plastic injection molding industries.
SINO MOULD also provide PLASTIC INJECTION MOLDING SERVICE, including products design support, prototyping model, injection mould design & manufacturing, plastic products manufacturing.
SINO MOULD will always be your reliable supporter in plastic injection molding industry.
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Help you realize your peerless design-For the past two decades,SINO has been using plastic injection molding technology to help our customers turn their designs to real products.
If you need plastic injection molding service, SINO provides you with:
Design Support
Prototyping model
Injection Mould design and manufacturing
Products Production
Perfect Design
SINO anined more than 100 certificate of patent in plastic injection mould making technologies, mould structure, components invention,plastic parts functional improvement as well as new inventions of plastic field.
Precise Machining
Due to strong mold tooling capacity and wide mold tooling range, Sino success among the fierce mold tooling supplier and is always the special one who challenge the world leading mold tooling capacity, first class quality standard and latest mold technology skills.
Precision Dimension Control
QC department controlled all the mould making components, such like purchased mold components dimension, machining mold components dimensions, molded plastic samples dimensions. No any error parts can be flow into the next step.

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