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Date:2017-10-31 15:23:55

Shampoo Flip Top Cap Injection Mold

Shampoo flip top cap injection mold is different to other bottle caps, such as water cap, drink cap, oil cap, 5 gallon cap, etc. But all of them are produced by plastic injection molding technology.

Shampoo Flip Top Cap Injection Mold

Shampoo flip top cap key technology points:

1.Shrinkage rate:most of the cap material is PP, PE. Different material will have different shrinkage rate. It will affect cap and bottle fitting.

2.The size of flap is very important. It will affect the cap open and close effect.

3.Tolerance: tolerance will affect cap fitting and shampoo using.

4.Welding line: precision process will make the shampoo flip top cap very beautiful, less the welding line.

5.Water shutoff: some of the cap will have water shutoff or not have this requirement, which was decided by the internal liquid.

6.Voice: some customer will have requirement to the capping voice, this specification is very important to the product using.

SINO has rich experience in all kinds of package products shampoo flip top cap injection mold , We have high precision process machinery, most of them are located in constant temperature workshop. Because the steel also will expand with heat and contract with cold. Only when the temperature is stable, the process will be precision.

written by: Candy


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