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Due to strong mold tooling capacity and wide mold tooling range, Sino success among the fierce mold tooling supplier and is always the special one who challenge the world leading mold tooling capacity, first class quality standard and latest mold technology skills.

Sino imported European tooling equipment to gain high precision molding tooling effect and therefore, keeps the best position of high quality China mold maker.        

Sino strict quality control system also thanks to the CMM equipment that can give fine data feedback for each tooling finished components and insert. See the process inspection report, you can understand Sino quality and in case the components is not reaching the tooling tolerance standard, it will be either re-tooling or changed to a new parts.  

Due to Sino qualified QC system , Sino is famous for the name of high quality China mold maker At present, Sino mould owns the biggest tooling equipment for industrial and large molds among thousands of Mold tooling supplier in China. See below Tooling equipment list of SINO MOULD.

Also, in order to meet high standard simulation of the mold production, SINO QC has our own injection molding machine and necessary molding auxiliary equipment for mold test and 24hours molding plant. The size of injection molding machine is from 50T upto 4000T, which can maximize the injection test requirement of our customers. All molding condition is with very efficient cooling system and mold temperature condition request.

To meet high condition requirement of gas assistant molds, two color and over molding project, SINO has also gas assistant injection equipment and automatic robot, as well as two-color injection molding machines. This is the great advantage for the customer to check the condition of the mold upon order of special technology solutions. Send your enquiry or ask for consultant to SINO team.

 Equipment name 设备名称

       Model 型号

Sets 数量

Supplier/ orgin产地、品牌

BridgeCoordinate Measuring Machine 桥式三坐标测量仪Inspector10.25.081HexagonMetrology Co., Ltd 中国/海克斯康
PortableArm Coordinate Measuring Machine 关节臂测量仪Infinitr2.02HexagonMetrology Co., Ltd 中国/海克斯康
MultifunctionHorizontal CNC Deep Hole 多功能水平深孔钻DHD1007-10S1WorldwideIndustrial Machinery Ltd 环球工业
Wire-CutEDM 慢走丝CA203Agiecharmilles阿奇夏米尔
HoleDrilling EDM 电火花SA303Agiecharmilles阿奇夏米尔
Wirecut 线切割Normal Wire EDM12Taiwan China 中国台湾
SlowWire cut 线切割Sodick Precise Wire Cutting 2JapanSodick日本沙迪克
EDM电火花Normal EDM12Taiwan China 中国台湾
Mirror EDM 镜面电火花Precision EDM4Japan Sodick日本沙迪克
CNC Vertical Machining Centers 数控加工中心VB-25162Vision Wide Tech Co., Ltd 乔崴进科技
CNC Vertical Machining Centers 数控加工中心VB-40261Vision Wide Tech Co., Ltd 乔崴进科技
CNCMilling Center 数控加工中心Max:6000*3000*220011Germany/Taiwan德国/台湾
Min:1000*8500*4505China 中国
High Performance Milling Center 高精度数控加工中心5axis:800*700*6001Germany/DMG德国/德玛吉
High Performance Milling Center 高精度数控加工中心3+2axis:3000*1600*12001Italy/Fidia意大利/飞迪亚
GrindingMachine 磨床

Big Precise Grinding Machine4TaiwanChina 中国台湾
Small Digital Grinding Machine32Japan日本
Mould Pressure Machine 对碰机320T1China  中国
200T1China  中国
Injection Machine 注塑机from50T-4000T PC/PET/PP/ABS/PVC22China  中国
Injection Machine 注塑机Bi-colormolding machine2China  中国

gas assistant injection equipment


6linesgas assistant injection molding1China  中国
Plastic Molding Service
Sino Moldings is a qualified Molding Supplier in China, offers good price Plastic Moldings worldwide.
China Plastic Molding company-SINO is Chinese Plastic Molding technologies innovator, Chinese Plastic Molding supplier and China Plastic Molding Company.
With advanced plastic Injection Moulding Process, Services & technology, Sinomould stands as a famous Plastic Injection Molding manufacturer and supplier in China.

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