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Ready mould-cable tie mould

We supply various size of Nylon cable tie mould. Beside a custom made nylon cable tie mould We also offer various ready cable tie mould with stock and high quality condition.

How to make a high quality cable tie mould?

Because of the particularity of the cable tie like the thin wall, injection process relative longer,

Makes the injection technology and production raw material relatively quite particular. Normally, cable tie request use the high toughness plastic nylon material molding. Cavity and core request high Hardness steel.And the most need attention for the Nylon cable tie is the toothed belt and head tooth cavity quality. Regard mould process, Sino mould has a very strong tooling capacity, Until now SINOMOULD invested more than 25M USD of various plastic mould tooling equips, to realize high precise process.

Now we are making cable tie moulds ready for sales, If you have any interested, please feel free to contact our team. Below is the moulds detail about the cable tie.

1.9*150mm    Mould size is 480*385*310mm80cavity  

2.5*200mm    Mould size is 570*265*300mm40cavity

2.9*250mm       Mould size is 660*255*300mm32cavity  

3.35*300mm    Mould size is 760*240*300mm24cavity

Mould core and cavity adopt Cr12Mov,with 52-56HRC,and cold runner system.

Now mould is ready for shipping, If you interested to make order, we can supply you in one week after finalize order. For the cavity and core side all adopt high polish treatment. Welcome to visit our company to have a detail view.

By the way, We have relative injection molding machine molding line equips with nylon cable tie mould together selling, if you have the plan to make cable tie production workshop. Please do bnot hesitate to share with us, Sino team rich experience in turnkey molding line supply and available for one-stop molding line oversea engineer training. Welcome to choose us to have win-win cooperation.

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