Assab stainless Mold steel

Assab stainless Mold steel is one of the top quality Mold Steel offered by Assab Sweden or Assab China which is one of the main supplier for Sino Mould.

Assab stainless steel, the most famous model Nr. is STAVAX ESR alt. S136 ESRUDDEHOLM STAVAX ESR (Stavax S420 or S136), it is called mirror polishing steel. This is a kind of tempering steel which can be deep hardened, the HRC can be 48 to 55, after tempering, this steel keeps the good roughness and hardness, in the same time it is stainless. For this reason, this steel is suitable for high performance moulds which request good finishing, long life.

Normally, Assab Stavax S420 steel was widely used for transparent plastic components molding, such like PMMA molding, PC molding, PS molding and PET molding. Due to its stainless feature, it is also widely used on PVC molding, PET molding, PBT molding.

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