Collapsible Crate Solutions

Foldable Crate Solutions

SINO Holdings Group supplies huge quantities of various foldable crates to all over the world. The   manufacturing of foldable crates are including 4 series, A series, B series, C series, Dseries. All the   foldable crates innovated with word logistical standard. They combined the advantages of save   transportation cost, easy installation and easy to handle.

Foldable Crate Solutions

Collapsible plastic crates are strong and resist rough treatment. They are easy to fold sown and  comfortable to grip,facilitating swift, simple handing. Such our C series, I will list in 6 points:

  • Cross Stacking Feature:

The bottom of the folding crate SINO design, can accept stacking in various direction. It accepts  both vertical stacking, horizontal stacking, and also cross.

  • Easy Assembling

Can accept easy handling of assembling and disassembling,only by click in and pull out.

  • Easy Foldable and Compact Spacefor Storage.

Save 80% of space: only when use it, you can open the four sides, and clip them together by lock. In

this way, you do not need many spacefor the stock of crate itself.

  • Lid/Without lid option

You can choose with Lid and without Lid.

  • Various Optional Version forEach Size

SINO foldable crate offers customer with various optional version to meet different customer  requirement. You can chose from open version.

  • Wheel Optional for EasyHandling

    Strong wheel optional for size above 600*800 version, easy handling.

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