Disposable Medical Mold China

disposable syringe molds

Are you looking for reliable manufacturer of disposable medical molds in China?

Welcome to excellent medical mold maker, Sino Mold Co., Ltd have a rich experience for disposable medical molds, such like syringe plunger mold, syringe barrel mold and syringe gasket mold. Sino Mold Co., Ltd will offer customer a fine solution for multi cavities medical molds suit with high speed injection.

Nowadays, the disposable medical mold making business have seen a complete paradigm shift, and these greater demands being made on the mold maker that supplies these high volume medical molds. The mold maker has added the time to design process that ultimately eats into the lead time for the mold build.

China is still the looming economic giant, even to the medical market. There are more and more devices and disposables being manufactured in China. When a health-care worker came to our shop last fall to give us all our flu shots, he had a box full of syringes with 'made in China' on the box. How much influence will China have on the medical industry remains to be seen, so Chinese mold makers are expanding and quality are improving to reach international standard.

If you are interested or have any related disposable medical molds projects in future, pls feel free to contact us.

Posted by Ms. Rachel