Find Your Turnkey Solution for Test Tube in Sino

  • Test Tube Molding Line

    Sino mould has more than twenty years' injection molding experience. We devote to offer our customers a turnkey solution for test tube from 0.5 to 50ml. Let me show you our latest developed test tube molding line.


    1. 32 Cavity Test Tube Mould

    In order to ensure the quality of test tubes, we offer precision mould. We adopt self-locking structure, which has the advantage of easy to maintain. In addition, we made a great improvement on the cooling system, which help to reduce the cycle time. Sino has own QC department to guarantee the mould quality before shipment.


    2. DKM250EH Machine

    To satisfy the high-precision requirement, DKM developed the EH series machine, which is very suitable for medical products. The high servo drive power system of this kind of machine is combined with the intelligent control system to realize the closed-loop control of the injection system and make the repeated positioning accuracy less than 0.01 mm.


    3. Auxiliaries

    The auxiliaries include 3 in 1 dehumidifying dryer, chiller, air compressor, conveyor...


    We can produce the high transmittance test tube with the cycle time of 8 seconds. Sino mould can meet your requirement of different size and production capacity test tube, and we will give you a best solution!