Home Appliance Injection Mould Production Program

Sino mould specialize in the Home appliance plastic injection mould,till now we have made many home appliance mould especially for the TV mould, air conditioner mould, wash machine mould, plastic fan mould, cleaner mould…and etc.

As one of the china home appliance mould manufacture leader, Sino mould always devote ourselves making high precision production and outstanding design. Each month we will organize relative technical person and designer training for the newest design structure and industry fresh design research, our technical skill continuously precipitate and our processing machine keep upgrading. Meanwhile our production worker constant learning and sublimation, make a high quality mould, we are serious.

We are warmly welcome you down visiting us,we will show you our best technology and production ideal, help you design outstanding goods and earn market. Sino mould will let you know we are your best choice and with perfect running system. Please feel free to contact us as below email address: dakumar-serve@dakumar.com Whatsapp:008615067608197