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Are you in the market for IML molds which is just fall within our company’s business scope. Sino mould is a professional IML mold supplier and manufacturer in China. In-mold labeling is a pre-decorating technique used universally for blow molded bottles as well as injection molded and other plastic objects. IML is a new kind of technologies that you can put a film into injection molding to decorate the surfaces of plastic products.

Here are some advantages of IML mould:
1. Cycle of film production is short, can show multiple colors.
2. Design and color can be modified at any time during production.
3. Outermost layer of IML is film, ink was printed in the middle layer, the surface is smooth and beautiful, more important, IML technology prevent outlook of products     from being scratched.

4. Production quantity is flexible, suitable for small amount of production.

IML mould can apply to many fields:
1. Food package IML system:
Container lid flat surface IML system
Rectangular container slide &bottom IML system
  Round/oval container slide IML system
2. Household product: table &chair, flow pot

  Daily use parts high standard design application of IML system

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Poster: Jocelyn