Large Size Industrial Plastic Parts Molding Line Solution

Sino team is leading in manufacturing with large size plastic molds and large tonnage injection molding machines, to offer customers with large industrial plastic parts turnkey molding lines equipment. For instance, industrial big parts like plastic pallet injection molding lines, industrial dustbin and logistics container box molding lines...

With these big size injection molds developing, we have mold flow analysis to check the parts feasibility and optimized shortcomings during design process. Our company has big stroke tooling machines suitable for molds more than 80T with milling. we are full able to make different side and shape plastic pallet molds, dustbin molds up to 360L, logistic containers folding or non-foldable series.

To match these big parts molds making, we have injection machines from 1150 up to 4000T, ok for molds testing and turnkey lines equipment supplying. Machines adopts with good brands parts to guarantee long working time. Also clamping platen are designed thicker and high precision tooling to keep high vertical to smooth molds running. In addition. With these large parts molds and molding machine turnkey solution, our engineering team would be at site for you on equipment installations. If you have any big parts need to make molds or machines, welcome take a visit to our company for more details.

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