Industry Foldable Crate Mould

Industry Foldable Crate Mould

SINO industry foldable crate mould meet European market demand, and with morecompetitive price standard for high speed cycle, recycle material application. Wehave the product sample with lid and without lid. The size are 1200*1000*1000mm46kg without lid, and 1200*1000*1000mm 50kg with lid.

It have followingadvantages:

1.Stacking for 3 layer;

2.Easy handing with forklift;

3.Long fast for stock and foldable afterrecycle use

We can offer customers following services:

Different customers, different cases, wecustomize for you.

customer service: we have advancedinternet platform, so the customers can communicate with our engineers

online and solve your problems online.

Before-sale service:

offer hotline consulation for products andtechniques. We can design moulds as your special requirements.

Mid-sale service:

offer installation, adjustment service, andpractical training.

After-sales service:

24 hours repairing service. offer you1year's guaranteed for whole mould, but our service is forever.

SINO place importance in design andanalysis control, for some newly developed projects of customers, our designermaking moldflow analysis for studying the condition of mouldrunning. we engage in the biggest possibilities to avoid any errors orshort-comings in the mould design. so that we can solve many mouldsproblems in the computer before happen in the workshop.

We offer you not only Industry Foldable Crate Mould,but a fine solution…

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