Injection Molding Service

Dakumar injection machine offers injectionmachine of various types, Its technology is becoming mature and it is sold tocustomers all around the world and win people’s good opinion. Now we alreadyhave some agent in some area in the world, such as Greece, Mexico, Nepal and soon.

1. Dakumar serves machines of differenttype.

Standard injection machine, servoenergy-saving injection machine, high speed injection machine, PET/PVCinjection machine.

2. Dakumar serves machines of differentsize.

Standard injection machine from 50T to4000T, Servo injection machine from 50T to 4000T, high speed injection machinefrom 200T to 400T. In our workshop. We already have 2600T and 3350 T injectionmolding machine in stock. We could sale to clients anytime. It will shorten thedelivery time.

3. Machine characteristics and advantages.

The machines have the advantages ofhigh-performance, high stable, high safety, and cost-effective. It has highperformance price ratio. It will be a money printer for clients and provideclients most benefits.

plastic injection molding machine

different types of injection machinehavetheir own chracteristics.

For servo energy-saving injection machine,it saves energy, could work stably, response quickly, operate quietly and havereliable pressure holding performance and oil temperature controlling. Forcustomers in the countries where the electricity charge is high, it will becost effective to purchase servo machine,

For high speed injection machine, strictly,it is injection high speed. it increases the speed of injection by usingaccumulator. So it is very suitable for thin wall products which need high injectionspeed.

Any interest, pls let me know.