Interchangeable Insert Chair Mould

The chairs are becoming more and more variety in the market. In order to meet the marketing requirement and reduce manufacture invest, as a famous chair mould maker, Sino Mould has succeed in offering interchangeable insert chair mould for customers.

Regard to the interchangeable insert chair mould,it means that we change the back or seat mould insert for the chair, so that we can get many different kinds of chairs on one chair mould. All of the chairs look beautiful without any flaw, comparing with the chair made without inserts,you can hardly find the difference between them. In this way, customer can save lots of investment and test the marketing which type is more popular.

If your factory has an engineer who has experience in changing the insert, it is very easy for him. However, if you are a new factory and without any experience, don’t worry, we can offer the training for your staff how to change the insert, how to maintenance the chair mould and insert.

If you are interested in interchangeable insert chair mould, or have any related project, please feel free to contact with us, we can have further discuss abouttechnical.

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