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laundry Basket and Household Commodity Mould

Sino Mould Co.,Ltd is the world famous laundry basket and household commodity mold in Southeast of China. Every mold project holds the principle of meeting customer complete satisfaction.

Laundry basket have storage box, containers, food box, laundry basket, drawers, icebox, kitchen ware, etc. for commodity molds, we can offer customers high quality and fast cycle commodity molds can help you make fast and high return business investment.

Every year we export nearly 1000 sets molds to the world market, there are over 300 sets is laundry basket and household commodity molds. Sino team place importance in design and analysis QC control, our designers spend more effort in the product design and mold design.For some newly developed projects of customer, designers making mold flow analysis for studying the condition of mold running.

Sino is keen in offering world latest injection technology solution, in order to achieve the most cost effective, high performance, energy saving and environment friendly molding solution.

If you have any demand for laundry basket and household commodity mold, welcome to contact us. We are looking forward to growing shoulder by shoulder with you!

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