Mold Making

Sino Mold is one of the best in the market of plastic injection mold making. Apart from using state of the art facility of equipment along with a determined team of dedicated designers and engineers, Sino Mold also takes pride in its astute methods of analyzing any particular problem from all angles. Few of these aims and objectives towards all problems are listed as follows:

To be a durable mold design that lasts for a very long time

To build a design with gives the highest level of performance

To create a design that can be processed with no complexities and highest precision

To process the selected design in a way that no errors take place

To give a design and a quote that is very economical and fits right into the budget

The team at Sino Mould conducts all the necessary procedures before proceeding with the creation of any design. Elaborate meetings are held with the clients so that their exact requirements can be conveyed to the design team at Sino Mold.

Precision and accuracy level of the highest level is maintained at the processing department at Sino Mold. The lead time for any kind of mold processing ranges from few hours to 24 hours at the most. After each and every operation, a check point is maintained where the component (mold) is checked for any errors. Once all the operations are carried out, a thorough quality check is performed. This check ensures that the dimensions of the molds manufactured are same as the dimensions specified in the designs. Tolerance is also maintained and all dimensions must be within the tolerance limit. The dimension controlling is the most crucial factor at the time of mold making.

Mold Making