Mold Manufacturing Before the Confirmation Point

Mold Manufacturing Before the Confirmation Point

Before making the mould, we need to know customer provide product drawing, if not, we have strong design team to offer you product and mould design based on your request. The following mold manufacturing before the confirmation point should pay attention:

Productmanufacturing requirements

We will check with customer product usage, technology, dimensional accuracy andother technical requirements. For example, the appearance of plastic products,color transparency, performance requirements, plastic parts geometry, tilt, inserts and other conditions is reasonable, weld marks, miniature tolerances and other molding defects tolerance, can make the desired Products and so on. We also estimate whether the forming tolerance is lower than the tolerance of the plastic product, and whether the plastic product that meets the requirements can be formed. In addition, we will confirm with clients plastic plasticizing and molding process parameters.

Process information

Learn plastic products into the plastic, plastic material properties, mold structuretype and other requirements. Plastics should be based on product requirements, have good mobility, uniformity, thermal stability, etc.

Choose molding equipment

Injection capacity, clamping pressure, injection pressure, mold installation dimensions,ejection device and size, nozzle hole diameter and nozzle radius, gate sleeve positioning ring size, the maximum thickness and minimum thickness of the mold,the template stroke.

Hope these mold manufacturing points should useful.

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