PPR Pipe Fitting Injection Molding Line equipment Manufacturer

PPR Pipe Fitting Injection Molding Line

China plastic injection molding Manufacturer –Sino Holdings is supplying PPR pipe fittings injection molding line equipment, professional on RRP fittings injection molding and equipment making.

The equipment of PPR pipe fitting by plastic fittings mould, injection molding machine, auto loader, dryer, chiller and other auxiliary equipment. Sino Holdings will custom made for customer’s product withour good experience in plastic mould, injection molding, customer only give usa sample, the all of this product production equipment will be preparing and manufacturing by us.

PPR pipe fittings usually is multi-cavities and with cold runner system, considering the PPR raw material most by powder, it is not easy palletizing or yellowing in product surface, thick thickness need hold pressurein suitable position, Sino Mould work together with Dakumar Machinery for high quality PPR pipe fitting injection molding line running, adjustment, shipping and installation or after-sale service.

Sino has supplied many PPR pipe fittings injection molding line toRussia, Iran, Portuguesa, Uruguay and etc. we are looking for custom made suitable solution for you, if you have any questions or inquiry about PPR pipe fittings injection molding line equipment please do not hesitate to contact us:

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