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plastic crate molds maker

Sino Holdings group is one of leading plastic crate molds manufacturerin China. We have manufactured more than 2500 sets different plastic crate mold for our customers from company establishing. It is a wide range plastic crate molds, such as coca cola plastic bottle crate mold, industrial crate mould, vegetable crate mold, fruit crate mold, fish crate molds, plastic bread crate mold, milk crate mold, foldable crate mold, one off thin wall crate molds, double wall injection crate molds, two side stackable crate molds, etc.,

With past years, Sino has good plastic crate mold cooperation with German and Italy customers, has accumulated and updated many times for advanced plastic crate mold design and crate mold tooling.

Especially we have done many 2 cavities and 4 cavities crate mold with fast cycle molding cycle, min. we can get 15s for our one off crate molds. And for cola bottle crate mold, we design bottle crate mold with 4 side angle lift design and 4 sides handle with hollow on the 4 side wall. With such plastic bottle crate mold, we can develop with 2 cavities with crate mold cycle time 35 seconds with automatic dropping down.

How to make sure high quality crate mold? A good crate mold should be:

*long crate mold life with high quality mold steel

*crate mold easy injection and fast crate mold cycle time

*air venting solution system for crate molding

* Special hot runner system filter design for recycled material

*insert interchangeable system for crate mold

*advanced crate mold design like cooling system, demolding system…

If you are looking for top quality plastic crate molds manufacturer in china, pls do not hesitate to contact with us. We convince that you will find high cost performance plastic crate molds in Sino.

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