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    We are professional in making molding equipments for disposable plastic cutlery parts. When developing plastic cutlery molds, it is more profitable to make plastic molds with plastic spoon, plastic knife and plastic fork together. And it is very critical to make plastic cutlery parts molding in very fast cycle time. The plastic injection mold for disposable tableware can be in both round shape and square shape. If with semi hot runner, it is better to design mold in round shape, as the plastic material flow is more even and it is less runner waste. 

    Due to large quantity needed for disposable plastic spoon, fork and knife, the plastic cutlery molds should be designed with very good cooling channel, to make plastic cutlery molds achieve fasted molding cycle time. And compared speaking, we are recommend our high speed injection machines for high speed cutlery molding. Also it would be ok for us to make stacking spoon molds to keep high productivity. 

    Welcome contact us for our high speed injection machine and plastic cutlery molds. We located at Huangyan, Taizhou city. Very appreciated for your down visiting to us.

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