Plastic Pallet China Mould Maker

Withthe fast development for the logistic industry, Plastic pallet injection molding products become more and more popular, As a professional plastic pallet china mould maker, offering the finest plastic pallet injection molding line solution and plastic tray mould, welcome make detail consultation.

As the production conditions, storage conditions, the requirement of increasing the process control, quality management, because the wooden pallets in health status and unable to overcome the limitations of standard production, plastic tray, and quickly occupied a place. Has been widely used in machinery, electronics, food, medicine, clothing,etc. Compared with the wooden tray, plastic tray, integral sex is good health and clean, easy to wash disinfection, have qualitative light, in use without stinging, acid and alkali resistant, no mildew etc, its service life is 5 to 7 times that of the wooden pallets.

Plastic Pallet China mould maker

At the bottom of the plastic tray according to the shape can be divided into a lot of kinds, not every kind of tray is and all of the forklift truck can be used, some plastic tray can only use machinery forklift, some belong to mechanical generic manually. Whether suit for mechanical manual forklift general use, customer should see the main structure at the bottom of the tray, such as double or field words tray (due to the bottom of beam or plate) lead to manual forklift cannot enter, even into cannot be used due to is a fork in the middle of the tray, so consumers when purchasing plastic pallet must choose according to their actual usage, so as not to buy a tray is not suitable for their own products.

Sino SHG type plastic pallet can use for all the considering field. We make customize plastic pallet mould. welcome customer to make detail consultation. we ensure will offer our best service and products for you. Thank you for consideration.

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