PET Preform Mould

Sino Mould, which is professional PET preform mouldmanufacturer,PET preform mould exporter, has many years rich experience in making PETpreform molds.

We not only manufacture mould but also provide good and cost effective solution to customers.

1.PETpreform has kinds of different weight, it depends on the volume of the bottle. We can according to the customer’s samples and drawings to design preform mould.

2.The 28mm neck size of the PET preform, adopts PCO 1810 finish standard, this preform product weight tolerance is about 21+/- 0.2g. Our PET preform mould requires high precision tooling equipment.

3.We design 72cavities preform mould which increased output double or three times. For72 cavities PET preform mould, we choose DKM650tPET injection molding machine, the mould cycle time can reach around 23s.

4.Besides,fountain water flow design in mold core, rotate water flow design in moldcavity, those will ensure optimal cooling system which greatly improve production ability.

5.We supply whole production line for PET preform molding solution. We not only provide PET injection machine and mold, but also provide PET special auxiliary equipment.

6.Service:Our engineer can offer installation, mold trail running on machine, and settingin customer factory. We will provide a series of caring services to satisfy the customers.

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