Thinwall Food Container Introduction

  • Thinwall Food Container Mould

    Thinwall Food Containers, as the name implies, means containers with thinwall made to hold food and usually they are disposable and made of plastic. Nowadays, thinwall food container production catches more and more people’s eyes. Let me show you the charming point of the thinwall food container production and introduce an excellent Thinwall Food Container Mould designed by Sino Mould.

    Thinwall Food Container Market Outlook

    Influenced by COVID-19, more and more people choose to bring and eat food home rather than sitting and eating in the shop. Besides, with the development of the Internet and mobile apps, takeout has been favored by more people for its convenience. Therefore, the catering industry has a growing need for thinwall food containers to deliver food. According to the research, the global food container market size was valued at USD 145.6 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.2% from 2021 to 2028. The plastic segment led the market in 2020 with a revenue share of over 46%. [1] As you can see, plastic thinwall food containers have a large market now and in future.


    The Advantages of Sino Thinwall Food Container Mould

    1. Several of Volume and Shapes: From 100ml to 1500ml, from square box mould to round box mould.

    2. Good Mould Structure: Ensures long mould life and precise production

    3. Effective Cooling Systems: Controls the mould temperature better to meet the requirements of high speed production

    4. Short Cycle Time

    5. IML System: Helps shorten cycle time and save labor cost while the in-mold label has the advantages of being waterproof and durable.


    Why Choose Sino Thinwall Food Container Mould

    Sino Mould, a brand founded by Sino Holding, is a world famous mould manufacturer and a turnkey project supplier. Engaged in providing thinwall food container production line for years, we have delivered nearly 1000 sets of thin-wall injection moulds and nearly 80 plastic thinwall containers injection molding lines for customers all over the world. As a turnkey project supplier, we provide not only moulds and machines, but also complete after-sale service with our experienced R&D team waiting to solve any problems at any time. Choosing Sino is choosing high efficiency and high payback.


    If you are interested in thin-wall container production and attracted by Sino Thinwall Food Container Mould, please kindly contact us. And we are ready to provide a complete Plastic Thin-wall Containers Injection Molding Linefor you.

    [1] Food Container Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report

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