Thyssen Krup

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SinoMold use many Thyssen Krup steel from Thyssen China, Thyssen Krup German offer top quality steel and Thyssen Krup is one of the leading Mold Steel Company in the world.

Normally, SinoMould buy from Thyssen Krup steel company DIN 1. 2311, DIN 1. 2738, DIN 1. 2344, DIN 1.2343, DIN 1. 2083, DIN 1. 2316, DIN 1. 2767...

Thyssen Krup Mould Steel is top quality, the quality was indicated by below points:

  • The even steel chemical composition

  • High milling performance

  • Good polishing performance

  • Good jointing of hardness and toughness

Thyssen Steel is SinoMould's standard option for mould making steel election. they are widely used on Sino Automotive mould, Home Appliance mould...

Thyssen Krup