Washing Machine Plastic Part Injection Mold

Washing Machine Plastic Part Injection Mold

Sino make washing machine plastic part injection mold, our main market is from Europe, North America, Middle east, Asia, etc. Most of the Purchase will worry about China mold quality, they would like to find a supplier who can make mold with good quality but made in China price. 


Washing machine is one of the necessary tool to a family. With the development of the living standard, almost all of the 80s, 90s will prefer machine washing instead of hand washing. China is a developing country, washing machine is one of the absolutely necessary to people’s daily life.

Washing machine is a kind of domestic appliance, the function is not only washing clothes, but also decorate a house. Therefore, there are many designs of the washing machine. A beautiful appearance washing machine with fashion design will be a hugely popular to consumers.

When a big brand company finished a new washing machine design, they will seek for Europe mold makers to help them customize the most suitable injection mold to make sure the plastic parts with best appearance and performance. However, most of them will shrink back at the sight of the European mold price.

To Sino, Washing machine plastic part injection mold is strength project, we has helped many European brand make hundreds of molds in last 26 years. Sino will be your best choice. 


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