Battery box mould inserts

plastic battery mold

As we all know, battery box is a containerfor battery, because battery expand with heat and contract , we need to takethis factor in consideration during the products design. Today, let us discussabout battery box inserts.

There are many places needed inserts in the battery box mold, we call these inserts are battery box mold inserts.

For first example, Some customers whoprefer their battery box to have two different designs,:box bottom with rib andbox bottom without ribs, This request the mold to have interchangeable insertson the bottom. So when we need which one, put the one into the mold. It will bemore convenient for clients to achieve two different requirements of clients.

For second example, on the battery box ,positive and negative inserts must be changeable, as well as and the place forthem. The Lead inserts Positive and Negative are different. This also requestto have interchangeable inserts on the mold.

For third example, on the battery lid thereis an additional hole, which must be with changeable inserts. It is for magiceye.

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