Bi-injection Mould

Bi-injection mould with the rotation system made the molding of dual-color product fast and simply. Our brother company Dakumar Machinery ( )also can offer the two colours rotary injection moulding machines. Please kindly see the videos of the bi injection moulds which we have made. We have Bi-injection moulding machines in our workshop which are especially for moulds testing, we can offer you the bi-injection moulding service, can consider the mould invested by us.

Mould Name:
Bi-injection Mould
Product Size:
Product Description:
two color PC cup
Mould Cavity:
1+1 cavities
Mould Size:
Suitable Machine:
DKM 250Ton
Mould Main Material:
Mould Injection System:
Anole hot runner
Mould Ejection System:
Mould Cycle Time:
35 Seconds
Mould Running:
Delivery Time:
50 working days
Mould Features:
great experience in bi-injection mould such as bi-color injection mold tooth brash, bi-color molding plastic caps, two color helmet, twin color injection molds for glass, masks or baby toys of different colors.

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