Plastic Storage Box Mould

Various of plastic box mould, the transparent PP box mould for food or other storage mould. Such as clip on box, lunch box, plastic storage box, tool box mould, daily use package box, air tight box, daily use plastic box mould and so on. Recently, we have made a series of PP transparent box mould for Turkey, annually, we offer various box mould for Italian Mazzei plastic moulding company more than 60 sets of plastic box moulds. We have a wealth of knowledge about box mould design and box mould manufacturing:

1. We have the experience to make 2 or 4 cavities box mould with the box dimension 600x350x450mm, and with the cycle time 48 seconds.

2. We have the knowlege to make the box mould wall thickness tolerance not more then 0.003mm with the wall thickness 1.2mm.

3. The stripper are specially designed and mould base are strong enough to keep the box mould high speed injection.

4. The extrem cooling system, optimized hot runner system of the box mould.

5. DIN 1. 2738 steel for good polishing and long last polishing result, also keep the box mould high pressure injection moulding with long mould life.

Mould Name:
Plastic Storage Box Mould
Product Size:
Product Description:
plastic storage box
Mould Cavity:
1 cavity
Mould Size:
Suitable Machine:
Mould Main Material:
Mould Injection System:
Anole hot runner
Mould Ejection System:
Ejector block
Mould Cycle Time:
30 Seconds
Mould Running:
Delivery Time:
65 working days
Mould Features:
The stripper are specially designed.

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