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    Sino Mould has been making chair moulds for many years. Most of the chairs are used in restaurants, gardens, homes and offices, and are a popular investment project. Our chair molds can provide customers with higher production efficiency. In addition, we can also help you set up the chair production lineCustom Design Injection Molding Line Set Up.


    When assembling the chair mould, our technicians will strictly check the assembly standards and accurately check all parts, including cooling system, hot runner, template, ejector pin or slider system. And the interchangeable back inserts we designed can help customers create different chair designs.


    With more than 20 years of experience in injection molding, our design, technology and parameters for plastic chair molding are quite mature. When designing the mold, we will attach great importance to the following points:


    1. The molding cycle of the injection chair should be as short as possible.


    2. Plastic chairs of different materials need to choose different mold steel materials. For example: P20 is the most common mold steel material used for PP chair molds, which the mould life will reach to 500K or can be continuously operated for 2 years under normal operating environment.


    3. The mold parting line should be smooth, so that the product will not scratch your hands after injection molding;


    4. The wall thickness of the mold should be controlled well: uneven thickness will lead to unbalanced injection and uneven cooling time, which will not only affect the injection speed, but also cause problems such as miniature on the chairs.


    5. When designing a plastic chair, we also need to consider its stacking capacity and load-bearing capacity.


    We can provide a complete, economical and practical plastic chair production line according to your needs.


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