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crate molding

With widely application of crates in transportation and agriculture, most investors put their eyes on developing crate factory building. No matter you are experience crate supplier which want to enlarge factory or you had no experience in molding, we could provide you satisfy crate line solution.

Crate line building contains crate mould, injection molding machine with its auxiliary equipments, such like chiller, crusher, material auto loading, water tower and so on.

What definite a good quality crate mold? First of all, you need to choose suitable mold steel. Accord to production capability, crate mould will chose P20 for single cavity, DIN 1.2344 for two or four cavities. Second is optimal mold structure. Take advantage of exporting about 400-500sets crate tools to all world customers, we had sense on marketing and independent design development. Last but not the least is mold delivery time. Our working teams keep words in mind which is time is money, quality is basic.

After you preparing fantastic crate mould, it is also important to find a high efficiency molding machine for injecting crates. We need to consider machine injection speed, pressure, molding weight and check if it is stability operation. Whats more, crates production is huge which means short cycle time, lowest crate weight. And for this, we need to others equipments for improve. Chiller improves better cooling, material auto loader saving time and others.

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