Five-gallon Bottle Cap Mold

  • Five-gallon Bottle Cap Mold

    Sino Mould has rich R&D and manufacturing experience in the field of bottle cap injection molding. We have developed high-efficiency five-gallon bottle cap molds with mold cavities ranging from 4 to 64 cavities. Each of the five-gallon plastic bottle cap molds undergoes strict testing and inspection during the production process to ensure quality.


    We use S136 stainless steel for manufacturing with HRC 48-50 Rockwell hardness, which  guarantees the mold life effectively. Mold is processed by a hot runner system with good thermal conductivity, the temperature can be rapidly heated, which can obtain a very ideal heating effect. And a good hot runner system can also ensure the balance and stable injection of the mold gate, so it can get better products.


    Each core and cavity has an independent cooling system, which can shorten the molding cycle. We not only provide molds, but also machinery and equipment. With the advantages of high energy saving, high precision, high response, low noise, and low oil temperature of DKM servo energy-saving injection molding machine, DKM energy-saving injection molding machine can effectively save 20-80% of energy consumption compared with traditional full hydraulic machines, which saves energy consumption and increase efficiency. We can also provide you with an injection molding production line for five-gallon bottle cap-Custom Design Injection Molding Line Set Up.


    24 cavities five-gallon bottle cap mold


    Weight: 8.8±0.1g


    Mould cavity: 24 cavities


    Suitable machine: DKM350SV


    Core and cavity steel: S136 stainless steel, HRC48-50


    Hot runner: 24 tips hot runner


    Cycle time: 12 seconds


    Mold life: 5M


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