Gas-assisted Chair Mould

SINO MOULD is advanced in making high quality chair molds and especially high technology Gas-assisted chair mould, PC chair mould, rattan chair mould with Gas-assisted chair moulding solution. And also chair mould with back insert changeable design for different versions, and different seat insert. Rattan chair molds, rattan table molds, rattan plastic stools and drawers molds and so on. In additional, SINO also apply our special know-how to transparent PC plastic chairs moulds, Gas assistant molding chair mould and so on.


We also offer custom made solution for R&D and plastic Gas-assisted chair design and new model development with table and chair in full set, appearance art design recommend and so on. Therefore, SINO is famous for our R&D tehnology in Gas-assisted chair mould and our innovation plastic model development.

Mould Name:
Gas-assisted Chair Mould
Product Size:
Product Description:
gas-assisted chair
Mould Cavity:
1 cavity
Mould Size:
Suitable Machine:
Mould Main Material:
Mould Injection System:
Yudo hot runner
Mould Ejection System:
Ejector pin
Mould Cycle Time:
55 Second
Mould Running:
1 M
Delivery Time:
80 working days
Mould Features:
gas assisted injection mould, rattan design high precision/ mouldtech texture