How to customize the plastic injection mould?

Custom plastic injection moulds require the following information:
1. Required information
-Number of cavities
-Type of plastic (preferably model and MFI)
-Model of steel material selected (or inform the surface requirements of plastic parts and the number of plastic products the mold intends to produce)
-2D or 3D drawings of plastic parts (if there is no drawing, samples must be provided, clear pictures of samples in all directions shall be taken during inquiry, and the length, width and height dimensions of samples shall be informed). If there are 2D drawings, the factory requirements for key dimensions must be indicated on the drawings.
2. Auxiliary information
-The more detailed the information about the function and use of plastic parts, the better.
-Inform the mould company of your plastic parts production capacity, plastic injection molding machine model and technical personnel
-Inform the delivery date of the mould, such as the date of shipment or the date of delivery to a certain place.
-Inform whether the plastic parts are taken by the manipulator or dropped automatically during the production process.
In addition to the above information, there are many detailed information to be provided when the mould order is launched.
The information about the inquiry and order issuance of plastic injection mould is very important. If you need a detailed form, please contact us. We can provide our standard excel 《Plastic Injection Mould Order Launch Form》 .