How to follow up your plastic injection mould orders?

What you need to follow up after you launch the plastic injection mould order:
1. Ask the mould company to provide a detailed mold production schedule.
-Check the T1 time + the sample dispatching time, to see, how many days left to the mould shipment date. Generally, there should be at least 30% time reserved. Otherwise, please ask them to re re-plan the whole process schedule.
-Pay attention to whether all processes in the whole plan are listed and whether all processes are scheduled as a whole, because many processes can be carried out in the same time, otherwise, there must be a waste of time and a delay in the whole process.
-The contact person of the mould company is required to update the production schedule once a week. If it is in advance, it is OK. If it is delayed, remedial measures need to be given.
2. Whether the mould can be delivered on time depends on whether all the work before machining can be completed in time. If many time has been wasted in the beginning, the later stage's effect will not be obvious, and this delay will affect the mould quality, or maybe lead to fatal errors.
3. it is recommended not to stay in e-mail or other chat tools for communication during the order follow-up process. When it comes to technical communication, the most efficient way is through video conference, so that both parties can make quick decisions and communicate effectively.
4. During the machine tooling, the plastic injection mould company is required to provide the dimensional inspection report of the molding area. Otherwise, some mould companies may not pay attention to the dimensional control. Finally, the dimensional problems are found after the mould installation and testing, so it is probably take double times to make up in the later stage.
5. During the mould test, the mould company is required to simulate normal mass production. The mould opening and closing quickly, ejection quickly, melt injection speed, injection high & medium pressure... are necessary. During the mould testing, you can use online video inspection. The mould company need send you the MOULD TESTING REPORT. After the plastic parts come out, it is necessary to measure the dimensions of samples for with different injection parameters, and it is required to issue the plastic tested parts detailed report.