How to judge whether a plastic injection mould company can make a good mould?

1. Before placing an order, consider whether the mould company attaches importance to the feasibility analysis of plastic parts forming:
-Does the company have a spot check list for plastic part 3D modeling?
-How does the company hold the analysis and evaluation meeting for plastic part modeling? (We need to assess the rigor of their meetings and the reasonableness of their processes)
-Does the company have Mold-Flow analysis or other related simulation software?
For the above three point, you can ask for confirmation through online video and their relevant historical forms.
2. Consider the company's comprehensive strength in plastic injection mould design before placing an order:
-The company's mould design team conducted on-site video confirmation to investigate the number of engineer in its design team and their working conditions.
-Check their mould design evaluation method for a new mould, to see if they are rigor enough.
-Understand how the company controls the quality of mould design, because once the mould design is wrong or mistake, all the followed work and time will be wasted. Some mistakes, once made, may be irreparable.
3. Before placing an order, we should consider the rigor of the company in dimension control:
-Ask them to provide 2D drawings of mould parts that have been made in the past, and at the same time check whether the tolerance marking on the part drawing is reasonable, whether the drawing is normative, and whether other relevant parameters such as hardness, surface finishing, perpendicularity, concentricity, tolerance table, etc. are expressed.
-Check how to control the mould part dimension in the machining process? Is there self inspection or inspection for each processing procedure?
If there is a self-inspection, what measurement method is used for the self-inspection?
-Check whether the on-site processing equipment in the workshop is good brand and precise? If the company does not have high-precision tooling equipment on site, there must be risks in dimension control.
4. Before placing an order, it is necessary to know whether 5S or 6S management is carried out on the assembly workshop site, and the cleanliness of the moulds on the workshop site. If the workshop site is very messy and the moulds are all greasy dirt and rust spots, the company must not cooperate.
The above four points are the basic points for investigating whether a mold company can cooperate. If the above four points can be done well, the cooperation between the injection mould supplier will not be a big problem. Other aspects, such as the ability to solve technical difficulties, the ability to debug the injection molding process, the ability to deal with emergencies and the company culture, are also considered for long-term cooperation, which can be known slowly in the process of cooperation.