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    Sino Mould is a professional mould supplier in designing and making plastic chair mould. Each year we produced more than 150 sets chair moulds for customers from all over the world. Our chair moulds including PC transparent plastic chair mould, plastic rattan chair mould, PP chair mould and so on.


    With more than 20 years' experience, we have mastered many points to know how to make a high quality chair mould with short cycle time. We pay high attention on below key points:

    1. The chair mould injection system should be very easy and fast flow.

    2. Choose suitable mould steel for different plastic material chair: P20 is the most common mould steel for PP chair mould with 500K shots or running for 2 years continuously. DIN1.2738, with HRC 33-38, mould life will be 1M shots or running for 3 years continuously. 1.2083 Assab S136 ESR Harden 48-52 HRC, which is very suit able for PC transparent chair mould, mould guaranteed life is around 5M.

    3. Good parting line finish, no any sharp edges: we always keep eyes on mould pressure, and make sure CNC milling the cavity and core on one stage.

    4. Double check the wall thickness: the uneven thick will cause the injection not balance and also will cause the cooling time not even, which will affect the injection speed slow down and also will cause the shrinkage marks. If the CNC milling is too rough, you can never get a chair with thickness even.

    5. When the chair plastic design is doing, we have to check its stack ability. And you also need to consider the deform possibility of the chair moulding.

    Sino Holdings Group is Chinese famous plastic injection molding machine manufacturer. If you want to develop chair mould project, please kindly send enquiry to me, I am glad to reply you and quote good price for you, we also welcome any of you to come to our factory for a visit or just be a friend.

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