Flip-top Cap Mould

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    As a professional flip-top cap mould supplier in China, Sino Mould make multi-cavity flip-top cap moulds with various types design according to customer requirement. We could offer whole injection molding line solution for cap molding with technology support and high speed running.


    For a common cap mould, consider it is fast cycling, we have to use stainless steel material with interlock type insert design for the mould core and cavity. With optimized cooling system, we could get the cycle time within 6s for water cap mould.


    For flip-top cap mould, it has some difference for the mould structure and flip top cap product design. For example, for a flip-top cap mould, we must pay attention on the cap closure force design, if it could close and open automatically after reaching a certain angle. There have butterfly design and common design for the flip-top caps. We could use auto-closure design for the flip-top cap mould, after injection molding, we adopt a structure to close the flip-top cap, then eject it out. With auto-closure design, the cap could get automatically closed and no need to use additional equipment or labor after demolding. 


    As a sister company of Sino Mould, Dakumar Machinery is Chinese famous plastic injection molding machine manufacturer, we could supply both cap moulds and injection molding machines for our customers. We have professional team for present service, who could visit our customer factory, help to design the workshop arrangement, suggest suitable production line and do machine maintenance with staff training. Welcome your enquiry for the detail. Thanks.

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