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    Sino Holdings Group is a professional plastic injection mould manufacturer, we supply different types of plastic crate moulds, such as fruit crate mould, milk crate mould, bottle crate mould and so on. For the bottle crate mould, we could make beer crate mould, Cola crate mould according to customer requirement and design for 12bottles, 20bottles, 24bottles type. We have rich experience for bottle crate production line service, together with plastic bottle crate mould, crate injection molding machine and other necessary additional machines.


    For a bottle crate mould, the mould design structure is very important to get a lasting running mould with fast cycle time. According to the top mouth design, we choose suitable mould structure with lifter support for demolding, and the core insert we use Cu-Be material for better cooling. The precision tooling is very important for the distance of each case, Sino mould company have all the precision tooling machines in the workshop, such as high precision milling machine, wire cutting and EDM tooling.

    When we choose a suitable machine size for the bottle crate mould, the main tip we have to consider is the machine open stroke, we must check carefully that the molding crate part could get out smoothly when mould opening, so the machine size for common bottle crate is above 600ton.

    Sino Holdings Group is Chinese famous plastic injection molding machine manufacturer. If you are insterested in starting new production line for the bottle crates, welcome to contact us. We could offer whole bottle crate molding line, include all the necessary devices for the bottle crate mould, crate injection molding machine and so on. Waiting for your contact.

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