Fish Crate Production Line

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    As a professional Chinese crate mould supplier, Sino Mould make various types of plastic crate moulds, such as fruit crate mould, fish crate mould, foldable crate mould, pallet crate mould and so on.


    With our crate injection molding machine manufacturing, Sino Holdings Group company could offer whole production line service, include good quality fish crate mould, high precision injection machine and auxiliary equipment, installation and operation training service, etc.


    For the fish crate design, consider it has to contain water and fish together, the fish crate is designed with block, without perforated holes. And the weight is more than common crate with good strength which nearly 3 kilogram. We have the experience for the fish crate mould with size 600*400mm with different height. We use P20, 718H or other good steel material for the fish crate mould. The crate mould could run within 40s with optimized cooling system design.

    For the fish crate injection molding machine, usually we suggest the machine size around 650ton to realize the injection weight and good filling. Sino could supply high quality crate injection molding machine with servo power saving.

    Sino Holdings Group is Chinese famous plastic injection molding machine manufacturer. We could help the customer who are new in the injection molding industry setup new fish crate production line. If you want to develop fish crate mould project, please inquiry me without any hesitation, I am glad to reply you and quote good price for you. Thanks!

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