Pallet Container Mould

Pallet container mould for fruit storage in the farm and logistic large container box, pallet container 1200x1000x1000mm, Pallet container 1300x1100x1000 , pallet box mould with ventilation and close version interchangeable.

Mould Name:
Pallet Container Mould
Product Size:
Product Description:
double face pallet
Mould Cavity:
1 cavity
Mould Size:
Suitable Machine:
DKM-2800 Ton
Mould Main Material:
Mould Injection System:
Yudo / Anole hot runner
Mould Ejection System:
ejector pin
Mould Cycle Time:
85 Seconds
Mould Running:
1 M
Delivery Time:
85 working days
Mould Features:
High speed cycle time with 85s, high production efficiency.

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