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  • Plastic Crate Molds Manufacturer

    With more than 25 years working experience on plastic crate molds making, sino team can offer you with good quality plastic crate molds based on prompt delivery.  we are able to supply you with almost type crate molds, with standard vegetable crate mold, bottle crate mold, automotive industries crate molds and so on.


    For crate molds, sino engineers pay more attention on crate molds design, to get crate molds in sufficient cooling system. This will make crate molds avoid area hot pot and get even cooling for fast cycle molding. Also we have good designs for crate air venting solutions in crate handle area and crate strength points.


    With crate mold tooling, sino team emphasis on crate movement dimension controlling, to get each parts in good working conditions. It would keep molds within accept tooling tolerance and working without any scratch accident. With these, we keep our crate molds in fast molding than our competitors. Also we are confident to run our crate molds with mass production simulation process with confirmed cycle time before shipping to show you.


    If you have any projects about crate molds, welcome contact us for crate mold inquiry.

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