Plastic Flip Cap Mould

  • Flip Top Cap Mould

    Plastic flip caps are widely used in the design of packaging materials for shampoos, shower gels, hoses and other products. Sino Mould has many years of experience in making cap moulds and can provide customers with high-quality flip top cap moulds. The mold is precisely processed to achieve precise matching of the upper and lower covers, and can realize automatic flipping during injection molding. Not only that, we can also provide you with an injection molding production line for flip caps-Custom Design Injection Molding Line Set Up.


    We have supplied 2-72 cavity flip top cap mould. Our designer uses Moldflow to analysis and simulate the entire injection molding process to ensure the pass rate of the product in the mass production process. The mold cavity and core steel materials adopt imported H13, DIN1.2316, S136, etc., to keep the long mould life. The hot runner system adopts imported heating components with excellent performance and can ensure uniform melt flow and pressure in all cavities. We use stainless steel materials with interchangeable inserts as mold cores and cavities to reduce customer investment costs.


    In addition to the excellent mold quality, Sino also focus on details. We mark the cavity and core to facilitate customers to quickly find and replace them correctly. Mould parts have DME, HASCO or other standards, which is convenient for customers to find replacement parts in the market, easy to buy and easy to replace.


    Sino multi-cavity injection molding process can make the bottle flip cap mold with high speed and high production capacity, which can fully meet the needs of customers. Welcome to contact us.


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