Plastic Household Dustbin Production

  • Household Dustbin

    In terms of style, household dustbin can be divided into: rotating dustbin, pedal-type dustbin, simple (round, square) dustbin. From the capacity, it can be divided into: 1L 5L 10L 15L 20L 25L.


    Sino Mould offers expert plastic dustbin production lines with excellent one stop service. We can provide you with mould, injection machine and all needed auxiliary machine. You could start the dustbin production immediately once you receive the equipments at your factory.


    Sino Mould plastic household dustbin line main quality points

    ·Professional product and mold design.

    · Short injection molding cycle and high output. Insert Becu on the top of the mould core and the edge of the cavity to shorten the cooling time and improve the dustbin production efficiency.

    ·Use CAE software to analyze the temperature distribution during the molding process, and strengthen the design of the cooling system at the highest temperature, thus effectively reducing the cooling time and speeding up the cycle time.

    · Reasonable design of runner system. Hot runner with German heating elements, stable balance.

    · Suitable for low MFI plastic injection molding, durable products

    ·Choose the suitable injection molding machine and auxiliary machine according to the actual situation.

    ·Provide professional injection molding workshop layout planning, water, gas, circuit layout, auxiliary machinery, driving... You can get a complete injection molding workshop planning plan and put it into construction in a shorter time.


    We are able to provide you with high-quality services and provide the entire plastic household dustbin production line. And we also welcome more people to join us-Plastic Machine Agent.

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