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  • The expert plastic paint bucket moulds to help you get the efficient and profitable production of plastic paint buckets could be provided by Sino Mould, one of the Chinese leading plastic injection mould manufacturers with at least 25-year plastic bucket moulds manufacturing.

    Nowadays, efficiency is required by markets. The constant quality and efficient production long-term are demanded by more and more plastic paint bucket manufacturers too. That’s why Sino Mould is engaged in sophisticated solutions for plastic paint bucket moulds, finally becomes a reliable partner for support customers in their development and manufacturing process of plastic paint buckets. And it’s glad that customers trust our experience, expertise and the on-site service.

    The Plastic Paint Buckets Design Ability

    That business would be successful or not majorly depends on the product, thus developing and manufacturing the nice plastic paint bucket with stronger competitiveness is the key process for your plastic paint bucket business. That’s why Sino Mould develops its professional design team for plastic paint buckets.

    Plastic Paint Buckets Design
    Plastic Paint Buckets Design
    Below are the basic notes about the plastic paint buckets:
    new or recycled polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE).
    round, oval, square, rectangular… nested, straight-side…
    from 1 L to 3 L, 1 gallon to 5 gallon…
    Decorations Way
    In mould labeling (IML), heat transfer printing, digital print…
    round, oval, square, rectangular… nested, straight-side…
    a. Strength – durable for loading paints.
    b. Static and dynamic loading capacity requirement.
    c. Sealing property – guarantee the paints quality and transport.
    d. Stacking – to save storage room and easy for transport.
    e. Antistatic agent – prevent from dust and dirt.
    f. UV protected – as the storage and transport requirement.
    g. Filling paint temperature requirement.
    h. Reactions to chemicals – to ensure buckets are solvent-resistant and safe for use with all paints when it’s necessary for test the possible reaction.

    The Plastic Paint Bucket Mould Design Ability

    You may have the challenge:” How could I produce plastic paint buckets as efficiently and profitably as possible?” Sino Mould could help on it by its superior design team for plastic paint bucket mould. To make it simple from three aspects: mould structure, mould steel, mould cooling.

    Suitable Mould Structure
    It depends on the detail plastic paint buckets, such as the sliders design which could not be required when the buckets are direct and simple; mechnical ejection design for automatic falling or collection by robots; certain fixing design for further heat transfer printing.
    Plastic Paint Bucket Mould Structure

    Suitable Mould Steel
    It should be considered with the plastic paint bucket production requirement, and the steels for different mould parts could be different, such as the P20, 718H, H13 and DIN1.2316… Finally customers get the better cost-effective moulds.

    Optimal Mould Cooling
    The cooling design would be well done when customers require shorter and shorter cycle time, besides the best cooling channels, the Cu-Be inserts also could help on the better cooling, the main parts could be bottom area and top mouth rib area.
    Plastic Paint Bucket Mould Cooling Design
    Plastic Paint Bucket Mould Display
    Plastic Paint Bucket Mould Display
    Videos about Efficient Plastic Paint Bucket Moulds Tested at Our Factory
  • 5 Gallon Plastic Paint Bucket Moulds Display
  • 5 Gallon Pail Production Line (35S)
  • IML Plastic Paint Bucket Moulds Display
  • IML Paint Bucket Production Line (20S)
  • The Plastic Paint Bucket Mould Tooling Ability
    If the design of plastic paint bucket and its mould is well done, the mould tooling will be very easy and the dimensions will be controlled precision under the condition that the tooling equipment is quality. And for plastic paint buckets mould, as the acentric and sealing property are usually required higher, it requires higher on tooling machines. There are superior mould tooling machineries in Sino Mould, kindly check them here.
    Plastic Paint Bucket Mould Tooling Ability
    Excellent Service for Plastic Paint Bucket Moulds
  • Plastic Paint Bucket Project Audit (invest-return checking and advice, analysis of plastic molding feasibility, injection machine models selection…)

  • Competitive Plastic Paint Buckets Analysis and Design (provide the drawings)

  • Process Report per Week (help you learn the latest process and arrange the related work timely)

  • Quick response (such as re-making of broken mold components)

  • Training Support (mould operation and maintenance, molding capacity improvement…)

  • Custom special support of maintenance and warranty time

  • Different Plastic Paint Bucket Testing Support (Weight Tolerance, Concentricity Test, Stacking, Drop Test, Sealing Test…)

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