Plastic Pallet Mold

  • Plastic Pallet Mold

    Because plastic pallets are more durable than wooden pallets, so they are widely used to meet various needs of the logistics industry. Sino Mould has many years of experience in the production of pallet molds, and has designed and developed grid nine-foot pallet series, flat nine-foot series, grid Sichuan series, grid field series, grid double-sided series, flat field series, flat plate series and so on.


    When designing mold, should pay attention to these following points:

    1. Welding line will affect mold life. Therefore, we will do mold flow analysis and select the best hot runner design. Generally, for single-layer trays, 12tip hot runners will be suitable, and double-layer trays use 20-tip or 24-tip hot runners.

    2. The R angle of the mold is very important, it will make tray stronger.

    3. It is usually recommended to use P20 or better steel materials to ensure the mold life.


    Here show you one of our pallet mold experience

    Mould Name: Pallet Mold

    Mould cavity: 1 cavity

    Mold size: 1900x1650x1284mm

    Suitable machine: 2250T

    Mold steel: P20 hardness HRC31-33

    Mold injection system: 20-point hot runner direct gate

    Mold ejection system: thimble

    Mold life: 500,000 molds


    In addition, we can help you set up the pallet production line and provide a complete set of production equipment, such as automatic loader, dryer, mixer, side/upward entry manipulator, chiller, etc., to help you start your production business as soon as possible.

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