Plastic Turnover Box Mould

  • Plastic Turnover Box Mould

    Sino Mould has many years of plastic turnover box mould manufacturing experience. We can provide you with various types, such as milk boxes, fruit and vegetable boxes, bottled turnover boxes, heavy turnover boxes, aquatic products boxes, pallet boxes, Folding turnover box, etc.


    Our turnover box molds range from 1 cavity, 2 cavities to 4 cavities, and can realize interchangeable designs such as height, bottom, size, handle, and grid. Excellent waterway design and the application of core and cavity beryllium copper inserts can effectively reduce cycle time and create greater production efficiency. We adopt professional hot runner filter system design to meet customer's injection molding production needs.


    The followings are some information about the crate molds:


    Disposable ultra-thin plastic box mould

    Mould cavity: 1 cavity

    Injection system: 4-point Alone hot runner

    Cycle time: 28s


    24 grid Coca-Cola box mould

    Mold size: 1260*770*770mm

    Die steel material: DIN 1.2344 + beryllium copper

    Injection system: 6-point Alone hot runner

    Cycle time: 35s


    Multi-cavity crate mould

    Mold size: 1550*1200*850mm

    Mould cavities: 4 cavities

    Main steel material for mould: DIN 1.2311+beryllium copper

    Mold injection system: 16-point Alone hot runner

    Cycle time: 23s


    Not only that, we can also provide you with plastic turnover box production line solutions-Custom Design Injection Molding Line Set Up. Including: factory layout design and construction, injection molding machines, plastic crate molds, machine auxiliary equipment, mold installation and commissioning services.


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